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45+ Creative Examples Of Packaging Design

Science, art, and technology are combined when putting together the design of a package.  Packaging is used to inform consumers what they are purchasing and it is used for the transportation of goods.  Packages provide consumers with important messages.  Below are 45+ creative packaging design examples:

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120 Of The Craziest Fail GIFs!

The Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) is a bitmap image format that was created by CompuServe in 1987. GIFs are a part of pop culture today and many of them are designed for comedy. There is actually a series of GIFs called “Fail GIFs” that shows something going wrong to the subject in the image. Below is 120 of the craziest fail GIFs. Some of these are funny and some are just painful. Check them out below:
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30+ Funniest Netflix Fails

Netflix is the most popular DVD rental and streaming video services. Netflix is known for using an algorithm that suggests movies to people based on their interests. Sometimes these algorithms can make some bizarre recommendations. Between those mix-ups and some mismatched descriptions, we have found over 30 of the funniest Netflix fail moments. Check them out below:
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36 Delicious Angry Birds Cake Examples

Bakers are getting tons of requests to get creative by adding the Angry Birds characters (yellow bird, red bird, green bird, blue bird, black bird, or green pig) to cakes or cupcakes. Below are 36 creative and delicious Angry Bird cake examples (pages 1-36):

20+ Funny Cat Videos

People love to watch cat videos on YouTube and check out funny cat pictures on ICanHasCheezburger. This is why I have created a list of over 20 of the funniest cat videos on YouTube. Check them out on pages 1-22.
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30+ Of The Best Lip Dub Videos

Lip Dub
A lip dub is a video that combines lip synching and audio dubbing to make a music video. They are made by filming a group of people lip synching the lyrics of a song and then dubbing it over a post editing with the original audio of the song. The term was coined by Jake Lodwick, the co-founder of Vimeo. He directed a video called “Flagpole Sitta” lip dub video seen below. Check out pages 2-10 to see some of the other best lip dub videos. Check out 30+ of the best lip dub videos on pages 2-34.
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16 Creative Star Wars Cake Designs

Star Wars Logo
The first film in the Star Wars series was released on May 25, 1977. This means that Star Wars has just celebrated their 35th anniversary. That is a major milestone so I thought I would make a list of Star Wars cakes. I would say my favorite one in this list is the first one, 3D Yoda. Check out the cakes below and let me know what you think of them in the comments.
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8 Magnificent YouTube Facts

YouTube Logo
YouTube is growing by leaps and bounds right in front of our eyes. Google is investing heavily into YouTube content partners like investing in Machinima. Google chairman Eric Schmidt said that they will be spending $200 million on promoting premium channels for YouTube. Below is 8
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