Partner With Pulse 2.0

Raise Brand Awareness.
Drive New Customers.
Promote Job Opportunities.

Why should you partner with Pulse 2.0?

Every day, thousands of technology and business professionals visit Pulse 2.0 to read the most pertinent news that affects their lives. Our audience includes technology leaders, venture capitalists, startup founders, entrepreneurs, and decision-makers across every major industry.

Raise Brand Awareness.

One of our most popular options for advertising is raising brand awareness. This comes in the form of native content and ad banners.

Native content involves tapping into Pulse 2.0’s proven track record of profiling companies, reviewing products, and zeroing in on breaking industry news. Or if you have an event, webinar, or white paper that you want to promote, we can drive sign-ups and downloads. All of this is done with a brand safety mindset.

Drive New Customers.

The viability of business models is based on customer acquisition costs (CAC) and the ability to monetize customers. Using social networks and search engine advertising to acquire new customers can be expensive and ineffective.

Pulse 2.0’s partners have been able to reduce their customer acquisition costs by working with our engineering and editorial teams to set up contextual content that lowers CAC and directly target new customers by setting up sign-up forms on those pages.

Promote Job Opportunities.

Finding the right talent can be an expensive or frustrating process for recruiters.

Pulse 2.0 is able to promote job opportunities on your website on thousands of pages to hundreds of thousands of people every month at a better price than job search engines while reaching more relevant candidates at the same time.

Every week, Pulse 2.0 also promotes your active job listings in the news.

Who has Pulse 2.0 worked with? 

We have done work with major companies like Microsoft, LG, Samsung, Mazda, Volvo, JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, New Relic, and AppDynamics/Cisco.

And we have also done dozens of projects with startups at the early- and late-stage across budgets of all sizes.

Ready to partner with us? Contact Shan Sadiq ( for advertising inquiries or to request a media kit.