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Thank you for your interest in advertising on Pulse 2.0.

If you’d like to showcase your brand, company, or product to tech enthusiasts, tech industry decision makers, C-suite execs, venture capitalists, developers, startup entrepreneurs, engineers, scientists, technology analysts, successful professionals, enterprise software decision makers, top tech talent, and journalists, then Pulse 2.0 is a good fit for you.

We offer a wide variety of advertising opportunities including banner ads, custom video ads, and native ads.

We’re able to bring positive awareness to your brand in a format that is native to our content. This may include comprehensive product overviews, case studies, and industry data reports.

Pulse 2.0’s branded content studio offers a wide range of tiers that cater to budgets of all sizes. Some of the brands that we have worked with on this format include Microsoft, LG, T-Mobile, New Relic, and Samsung. We have also worked with a number of smaller startups.

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