Alpine 4 Holdings Stock (ALPP): Why The Price Went Up Today

By Amit Chowdhry ● Jan 26, 2022
  • The stock price of Alpine 4 Holdings Inc (NASDAQ: ALPP) increased by over 2% during intraday trading today. This is why it happened.

The stock price of Alpine 4 Holdings Inc (NASDAQ: ALPP) – a leading operator and owner of small market businesses – increased by over 2% during intraday trading today. Investors are responding positively to Alpine 4 Holdings announcing the formation of RCA Batteries Corporation, a joint venture between RCA Commercial and Elecjet. 

RCA Batteries is going to reside under Alpine 4’s subsidiary RCA Commercial and will operate as the manufacturer and distributor of the ElecJet family of graphene batteries. And Elecjet will continue as a manufacturer of electronic components, a research and development company, and the legal entity holding the company’s intellectual property, including patents and software copyrights. Samuel Gong will be the President of RCA Batteries while remaining as President of Elecjet.

RCA Batteries are going to represent 4 types of battery cells/products: The Apollo Ultra, a battery pack for everyday use, which Forbes has proclaimed as “Eye-Poppingly Fast.” Two types of cylindrical cells; a 18650 Graphene Lithium battery cell and a 21700 Graphene Lithium battery cell, both intended for commercial customers in several sectors. Finally, the company plans to begin small volume production of its graphene-enhanced Solid-State Batteries in Q2 2022 with the goal to bring main scale production in 2023.

All the company’s cylindrical graphene-enhanced batteries cells boast charging rates of at least 2C and can go as high as 8C depending on the customer’s application needs. These speeds are between double and 20 times faster than the traditional Lithium battery cell can charge at. And the company’s graphene solid-state battery can charge at rates up to 30C. These batteries also have industry-leading discharge rates for more efficient energy usage and power distribution.


“Our Graphene solid-state technology will help us improve energy density by about 10% compared to some of the most energy-dense batteries on the market, and upwards of 80%+ compared to some applications. Elecjet prides itself on not just boasting about what we can do in a lab, but what we can produce on a large commercially viable scale. We’re looking forward to getting these batteries in our customer’s products throughout 2022.”

— Sam Gong, President of Elecjet (and now RCA Batteries) 

“RCA Batteries was envisioned long before we closed on our subsidiary RCA Commercial in early December 2021. The goal was to enhance the amazing capabilities of the Elecjet family of graphene-enhanced batteries and attach it to a well-known name in the electronics industry. The merits of this joint venture are immense. RCA Batteries with its graphene enhanced battery cells, the manufacturing power of our subsidiaries RCA Commercial and Quality Circuit Assembly, will allow RCA Batteries the ability to start producing best in class battery cells for varying applications in the near future. The goal is to bring full manufacturing to the United States by Q4 2023. From a market perspective, our sights are set on the ESS (energy storage systems) market, including power walls, battery cells for EV’s, and various other commercial applications, as well as the electrification of Vayu Aerospace’s drones, including the newest fleet of drones under development.”

— Kent B. Wilson, Alpine 4 CEO

Disclaimer: This content is intended for informational purposes. Before making any investment, you should do your own analysis.