9 Apple CarPlay Tips And Tricks You Should Know

By Amit Chowdhry ● December 3, 2019

Apple CarPlay

Looking for Apple CarPlay tips and tricks? You have come to the right place.

Apple CarPlay makes it easier to control apps that you have on your iOS device through your vehicle’s infotainment system. Using Bluetooth, you can easily connect to the Phone, Music, Maps, Messages, Podcasts, and Audiobooks on your iOS device with Apple CarPlay. For those of you who are new to using Apple CarPlay, there are several tricks you should know to get the most out of the infotainment interface. Here are 9 Apple CarPlay tips and tricks you should know:

1.) Customizing The Screen

Apple CarPlay allows you to customize the screen icons. This means you can hide some of the default CarPlay apps and move some of the third-party apps to the first page.

To do this, you simply have to go into the Settings app on your iPhone. Then go to General and then CarPlay. From there, tap on the car that is listed. You will see the CarPlay screens as you see them on the infotainment system. Push down on those icons and then start moving them around in the order in which you want it to appear on the infotainment system.

2.) Creating A Radio Station From The Song Playing On Music App

When you are listening to a song through Apple Music or from your iTunes collection, you can create a radio station that plays similar songs. Click on the three dots on the Now Playing screen to create the radio station.

3.) Have Siri Read Your Text Messages

You can have Siri read you your text messages while driving. You can say something to Siri like “text my wife” to send a message or “read my text messages” to hear your latest text messages.

4.) Taking A Screenshot

When you take a screenshot with your iOS device while it is connected to CarPlay, you will get a screenshot of the device and of the CarPlay display.

5.) Set Up Do Not Disturb While Driving

If you want to prevent notifications from showing up while driving, then you can turn on Do Not Disturb While Driving. To do this, open Settings in CarPlay using the built-in controls of the vehicle. Tap on the apps list button and click on Settings. Then select Do Not Disturb While Driving. And then turn on Activate With CarPlay. Through the Settings on the iPhone, you can also choose who to send an automatic reply to and customize the auto-reply text message.

6.) Change The Appearance Of CarPlay

Apple CarPlay is set to a dark appearance by default in most vehicles. And if you prefer to have CarPlay automatically switch between dark and light appearance, you simply open Settings in CarPlay using the vehicle’s built-in controls. Then select appearance and then choose “Select Always Dark.” The dark appearance is optimized for low-light environments like when you are driving in the dark.

7.) Hiding And Showing Suggestions In CarPlay Dashboard

When you open Settings in CarPlay using the vehicle’s built-in controls, you can turn Suggestions in CarPlay off or on.

8.) Hiding Or Showing Album Art

When you open Settings in CarPlay using your vehicle’s built-in controls, you can turn Show Album Art off or on.

9.) Finding Your Car

Apple CarPlay has a feature that makes it easier to find your car when you park. You can set up this feature by going to Settings > Maps. Then go to Show Parked Location and turn it on.

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