Apple iOS 12.2 Features: Here Is What Will Be Included

By Dan Anderson ● February 19, 2019

Today Apple released iOS 12.2 beta 3, which previews some of the features that will become available to the public when it rolls out later this month or in early March. 9to5Mac unveiled some of the features that were included in this beta.

Here is a list of some of the features that will be included in the iOS 12.2 update.


Fix For Group FaceTime Calls

The iOS 12.2 update is expected to restore Group FaceTime calls. iOS 12.1.4 fixed a problem that prevented users from being able to eavesdrop on other users. But that required stripping the ability to turn a one-to-one FaceTime call into a Group call.

Auto-Renewing Subscriptions


Developers will be able to integrate discount options for auto-renewing subscriptions. In the past, developers could set up introduction discounts and free trials when signing up for subscriptions. But the discounts were controlled by the App Store Connect server and could only be redeemed once.

So if a user cancelled, then the app would not be able to incentive them with a discount subscription later on. This will no longer be the case.


The incentive to get a user to subscribe again could be a free period or a discounted bundle price for a longer duration. Apple uses similar marketing tactics for Apple Music subscriptions.

These features were enabled in a new API in iOS 12.2. And the apps will be able to show price discounts for auto-renewing subscription for existing and previously subscribed users.

Design Resources For Siri Shortcuts

With this update, Apple released a new set of design resources for Siri Shortcuts for iOS and watchOS. The new resources will help designers create wireframes and templates for Siri Shortcuts.

Some of the design resources include how to utilize the “Add to Siri” button, placeholder views of Siri integrated inline, and Siri Shortcut recommendations displayed on the lock screen.

SF Compact Rounded Font

And Apple released the SF Compact Rounded font to the SF Font download for developers building watchOS apps. And Apple launched new Adobe XD design resources for watchOS. It was previously available for just iOS.

New Animoji

Apple will be adding new Animoji characters including a shark, giraffe, and warthog.

Other Improvements

– New AirPlay icon to appear in Control Center

– AT&T “5G E” icon to appear in certain markets on several iPhone and iPad models

– Screen Mirroring icon in Control Center

– Full-screen Apple TV Remote Control Center

– “Speakers & TVs” coming to Home app settings

– Additional details for Recent Transactions in Apple Wallet

– Additional details button in Wallet card UI

– Tap on transactions for more detail

– Card to feature bubbly inset rectangle rows

– Motion & Orientation Data toggle added to Safari options in Settings app

– Air Quality Index in Maps

– Safari warns when a website is not supporting HTTPS

– Fill in search suggestions without submitting the search

– Apple News coming to Canada

– Keyboard color picker

– Inline Safari music playback

– Music app to gain Album name full song search results