Apple iOS 12.3.1: What You Need To Know About The Update

By Amit Chowdhry ● May 28, 2019
  • Apple iOS 12.3.1 has been released with several bug fixes
  • The bug fixes involve the Messages app and VoLTE calling

Earlier this month, Apple released iOS 12.3 with a redesigned TV app and Apple TV Channels. Now iOS 12.3.1 is available for download.

Since iOS 12.3.1 is a minor point update, it has some bug fixes rather than new features. And Apple did not beta test this software update before it was released, which is pretty common for minor point releases. Apple iOS 12.3.1 does not have any published CVE entries in its security updates website.

You can update to iOS 12.3.1 by going to the Settings app of your iOS device and going to General > Software Update. Or you can do it by connecting your iOS device to your computer and then opening iTunes.

So what features are included in the iOS 12.3.1 update? Apple’s release notes say that the bug fixes involve the Messages app and VoLTE calling.

For example, it fixes an issue that could prevent making and receiving VoLTE calls. And iOS 12.3.1 also fixes issues in the Messages app that could cause messages from unknown senders to appear in conversation lists even though Filter Unknown Senders is enabled. And it fixes an issue that prevents the Report Junk link from appearing in Messages threads from unknown senders.

Apple is preparing to announce iOS 13 next month at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). But that major release will not arrive until September when the new iPhones are released.

Earlier this week, Apple also rolled out a supplemental update for macOS 10.14.5 in order to fix problems with the T2 chip on certain MacBook Pro models. Users experiencing this problem said that the T2 chip has been causing sound problems with pro audio devices.

05/28 Update:

However, Apple iOS 12.3.1 has a few hiccups. For example, iOS 12.3.1 caused a user to experience freezes while playing Pokemon Go. Another user reported that the Spotify Connect Volume controls on iOS 12.3.1 was broken.

The good news is that the iOS 12.3.1 update improves the battery life on iPhones especially on older devices. This was determined in a video test put together by iAppleBytes.

And according to a report by Forbes, iOS 12.3.1 breaks jailbroken devices. So if you have a jailbroken device, then you should not upgrade to iOS 12.3.1.