Application Intelligence Company Bionic Raises $17 Million

By Annie Baker ● Dec 15, 2020
  • Application intelligence company Bionic recently announced it emerged from stealth with $17 million in funding

Application intelligence company Bionic recently announced it emerged from stealth with $17 million in funding and an innovative platform that gives enterprises the ability to understand and control the chaos created by the onslaught of application changes pushed to production every day. Launched in 2019 by CEO Idan Ninyo and CTO Eyal Mamo, Bionic has raised a total of $17 million in funding.

The Series A funding round was led by Battery Ventures’ investors Dharmesh Thakker and René Bonvanie. Thakker is a general partner at Battery and Bonvanie is an Executive in Residence and CMO Emeritus of Palo Alto Networks. And as part of the investment, Bonvanie joined Bionic’s Board of Directors which currently includes early investors Gili Raanan of Cyberstarts, and Michael Fey, former president of Symantec and Blue Coat. The additional investors in Bionic include Don Duet, former CTO at Goldman Sachs, Sameer Jain, former CIO of Barclays, and Ariel Maislos, founder of Passave and Anobit.

Bionic is already helping IT, operations, and security teams at global financial services and technology companies operate and protect applications more efficiently than ever before, doing in minutes what previously took days or weeks.

Bionic’s platform is the first in the industry to automatically reverse engineer applications, delivering a comprehensive inventory with architecture and dataflows, monitoring critical changes in production, and enabling developer guardrails to enforce architecture. And Bionic is agentless and works across all environments, from on-premises monolithic applications to hosted cloud-native microservices. 

The fully automated and deployed within minutes (even in the largest enterprises), Bionic is enabling IT and security teams to take control of application chaos.


“Enterprise application environments are becoming increasingly complex as the pace of development only continues to accelerate. Bionic is all about controlling application chaos. We do that by delivering a holistic view of all applications and their architecture, closing visibility gaps while enabling action and policy enforcement.”

— Bionic CEO and co-founder Idan Ninyo

“Application architectures are rapidly transforming, and IT, operations, and security teams are hard pressed to ensure proper governance. Bionic delivers application intelligence across any architecture, infrastructure, or location. Legacy manual methods of obtaining application visibility are simply not up to the task, requiring countless hours of manual effort that is essentially wasted, as the results are outdated as soon as they are completed. Bionic is delivering a continuously updated, single source of truth for the entire application environment.”

— Bob Laliberte, Practice Director and Senior Analyst at ESG

“Very few enterprises have a handle on their applications. Bionic has built a platform that is truly unique, using automation and advanced reverse engineering capabilities to deliver the pervasive visibility and controls enterprises need to reduce operational risk and remediate security gaps of applications before they are deployed to production.”

— Gili Raanan, general partner and founder for Cyberstarts and Sequoia Capital (Israel).

“Our business is becoming dependent on our ability to continuously release new software and enterprise applications. Automatically understanding the architecture of applications enables organizations to enforce secure architecture at scale and streamline compliance audits.”

— Matthew Mccormack, CISO

“Very few IT, operations, or security team members can tell you how many applications there are, let alone how they work. Manual approaches to investigate and understand applications are slow, incomplete, and rife with guesswork. Since slowing down development is not an option, Bionic was founded to empower IT and security teams so they can control the chaos.”

— René Bonvanie, Battery Ventures Executive in Residence and CMO Emeritus of Palo Alto Networks