Cloud Management Company Env0 Raises $3.3 Million

By Dan Anderson ● April 21, 2020
  • Env0, a developer of Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) management software, announced it raised $3.3 million

Env0, a developer of Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) management software, made a couple of major announcements. The company introduced the public beta of the env0 platform — which is the first cloud management platform built to enable self-service with complete governance and cost control in AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

And Env0 announced it raised $3.3 million in initial funding co-led by Boldstart Ventures and Grove Ventures with participation from angel investors including Guy Podjarny of Snyk.

Many enterprises are moving to the cloud and this puts a strain on the finite infrastructure resources and the developers responsible for provisioning them. While IaC frameworks solve some of those issues, the managed cloud environments inevitably create new bottlenecks that decrease the efficiency of CI/CD pipelines. And env0 overcomes these bottlenecks by shifting testing, developer, and production workloads into standalone and ephemeral environments.

Some of the key features include dynamic environments for scaling infrastructure, policy controls for reducing the risk of catastrophic user error, actual cost management, and a self-service user interface.

Env0 was founded in December 2018 by CEO Ohad Maislish and CTO Omry Hay. Both of them bring extensive experience solving complicated infrastructure challenges from companies like Ravello Systems, VMware, Proofpoint, and eToro. And the company will use its initial funding to accelerate the product’s general availability and establish a Silicon Valley based headquarters. Podjarny and former VMware executive Reza Malekzadeh will join the company as advisors.

Key Quotes:

“Shifting to microservices and cloud-native architectures has made cloud applications much more complicated, increasing developer frustration with DevOps bottlenecks. env0 reduces inefficiency by creating an engine that simplifies IaC governance while increasing accessibility of self-service infrastructure, doing for infrastructure-as-code what GitHub does for Git.”

-Env0 CEO and co-founder Ohad Maislish

“When we moved to infrastructure-as-code, it became clear that having a flexible way to orchestrate our environments was essential and using Jenkins was not enough. env0 solved several of our problems, but its greatest advantages were its automated TTL environment policies. It allowed our team to control and manage environments while driving costs down.”

-Shaked Shauli, DevOps Lead at Curv

“When it comes to the cloud, every enterprise is struggling to find the right balance between speed, governance, and cost. env0 is the first SaaS solution that meets all of those needs by offering self-service cloud environments with centralized governance. Ohad, Omry and the rest of the env0 team are extremely well-positioned to deliver on the promise of dynamic environments and infrastructure automation, and we are thrilled to be a part of their journey.”

-Ed Sim, founder and Managing Partner at Boldstart Ventures

“We are very excited to invest in env0, a company which has the skills, vision and deep technology to allow developer teams to easily manage all their cloud environments in one self-service Infrastructure-as-Code platform while reducing costs significantly.”

-Omri Green, Partner at Grove Ventures