DarioHealth (DRIO) Stock: Why It Increased 0.5%

By Amit Chowdhry ● Sep 23, 2022
  • The stock price of DarioHealth (DRIO) increased by 0.5% in the most recent trading session. This is why.

The stock price of DarioHealth (DRIO) increased by 0.5% in the most recent trading session. 

Why: DarioHealth announced new research examining the link between the use of Dario’s biofeedback device to help users improve their posture and reduced back pain at the International Association of the Study of Pain (IASP) 2022 World Congress on Pain, being held in person in Toronto, Ontario from September 19th – 23rd and virtually.

New research: The new research examined the connection between users of Dario’s posture trainer, posture awareness and the impact on levels of pain. And Dario’s posture training solution, part of the Dario Move suite of musculoskeletal solutions, helps users develop better posture through the use of a wearable biofeedback sensor that vibrates when the user is in a slouching position. Over time, this trains users, helping them to develop awareness and adoption of proper posture.

Data: Dario analyzed the data from close to 1,000 individuals who reported high levels of pain in their initial assessment and who conducted six or more hours a week of posture training for at least eight weeks. And this data set enabled researchers to demonstrate that increased time wearing the posture trainer was predictive of posture quality which, in turn, was predictive of the level of pain, establishing the linkage between postural digital biofeedback technology and back pain reduction.


“Dario’s posture trainer is proven to help users reduce back pain, and with this new research we now better understand the connection between device, training and results. With this new research, we can now better support people by looking at engagement in posture training as the key to predicting success.” 

— Yifat Hershcovitz, PhD., Vice President of Clinical and Scientific Affairs at Dario and supervisor of the studies

“Dario’s approach to research involves both testing the efficacy of solutions as well as seeking to understand the mediators of clinical improvement. This new research illuminates an important mechanism by which Dario solutions improve pain in our users.” 

— Omar Manejwala, MD, Chief Medical Officer at Dario