Digital Identity Company Veridas Raises €15 Million

By Dan Anderson ● Apr 19, 2023

Veridas – a Spanish company specializing in digital identity and biometrics – announced it has raised a €15 million capital increase from its own partners and new positioning as a global identity company – which offers solutions for identity management in digital and physical spaces. And Veridas has integrated dasGate into its platform for identity management across the customer lifecycle. Plus Veridas has experienced a 133% growth over 2021 and expects to grow by a further 100% this year with an estimated annual turnover of €26.3 million and a planned workforce of 278 employees.  

Veridas is known as a global company of Navarrese origin that began its journey in 2017 as a joint venture with BBVA. And since then, the company works with over 250 clients in 25 countries in sectors as demanding as banking, insurance, telecommunications, public administration, etc.

In conjunction with the capital increase, Veridas has announced the incorporation of dasGate, which until now had operated as an independent company focused on access management with facial biometrics.  

dasGate achieved major milestones in recent years, from being the first facial recognition access system for football stadiums in Spain to becoming the preferred solution in Spain to prevent minors from accessing gambling halls. And its solution uses facial recognition, both informed and voluntary – which is changing the way attendees access physical spaces including establishments, sporting events, or concerts. Plus the company’s technology presents a quick way to gain access without the need to carry credentials of any kind, increasing security for organizers and owners who not only know how many people are entering their venues, but who they are.  

Veridas is committed to leading the way in the use of biometric technology for complying with data protection regulations. And the company believes in the right of citizens to prove their identity in the digital and physical realm using biometrics. But it does not constitute an obligation.  

From that perspective, Veridas offers its solutions in different use cases based on a regulation that has been in place for several years and continues to grow in various sectors (financial, gaming, and e-services providers) and in access to football stadiums.  

Through a modular and 100% automated solution, Veridas enables its customers to solve any identification scenario with a single provider. And this is possible thanks to its proprietary user authentication technologies such as facial biometrics, voice biometrics, and ID document verification.  


“We are a global company with a presence in Spain, Mexico, the United States, United Kingdom and we continue to expand with new customers, thanks to the differential value proposition in our industry. There are not many companies in the world that can verify and authenticate the identity of users in the digital and physical space while simultaneously offering customers a complete identity platform. Veridas was created to guarantee the right to use real identities in the digital and physical world. We envision a future without passwords and keys where people are privately, securely, and voluntarily identified.”  

“Everything we have done so far has been in preparation for this historic moment for our company. We are here to make Veridas one of the top 3 companies in the world in the field of identity in the next 5 years. Two levers will make it possible: an exceptional team, which is constantly growing, and a technological product that has performance and potential amongst the best.”  

– Eduardo Azanza, CEO of Veridas

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