Future Family Raises $9 Million To Make Fertility Care More Accessible

By Amit Chowdhry ● May 29, 2021
  • Future Family, a company that combines fintech, fertility, and concierge care to empower women throughout their fertility journey, announced it raised $9 million

Future Family — a company that combines fintech, fertility, and concierge care to empower women and couples throughout their fertility journey — announced recently that it raised $9 million in Series A-1 funding.

The fertility sector is set to face record demand after a year-long shutdown of fertility clinics nationwide and the company is using the funds to accelerate its clinic partnership network and meet demand.

Future Family is known as the only fintech platform to offer a simplified monthly payment for fertility that can be customized as you go with services like egg freezing, IVF, and concierge care. And their personalized buy-now-pay-later plan offers the most flexible financing option on the market today, uniquely equipping individuals seeking fertility treatment to move forward without having to pay costly out-of-pocket expenses upfront.

The key features include:

1.) Customizable plan to cover as much or as little as the upfront cost as you choose

2.) A dedicated Fertility Coach to work with as you go through treatment. 

3.) Bill payment management

4.) Medication ordering support and training

5.) 24/7 on-demand support

Despite the suspension of fertility treatment during COVID-19, the company doubled its clinic network nationwide including the recent addition of CCRM Fertility with 9 locations across top metros in New York City, Houston, San Francisco, Atlanta, Northern Virginia, Denver, and Minneapolis. And the company continued to support couples while they waited for clinics to reopen and then to pursue care as clinics came online again over the summer.

The global fertility market size is predicted to hit around $47.9 billion by 2030, according to recent studies. And this rising consumer demand for fertility treatment globally is driven by a shift in demographics with an increasing number of people wanting children later in life, single parenting, and more LGBTQA+ couples starting families. Affordability is known as the biggest barrier to more people moving forward with IVF.


“At a time when so many fertility treatments have been put on pause due to the pandemic, Future Family is proud to expand its clinical offering and reach even more people in need of accessible, affordable fertility services. We could not be more thrilled to have partners who recognize the impact our team has made for families struggling to navigate this costly, emotional process.”

— Future Family CEO and founder Claire Tomkins

“At Mindset Ventures we pride ourselves on being long-term partners for the companies we invest in. We were attracted to Future Family because it meets our criteria of having a breakthrough approach with embedded finance for the fertility sector. Claire and her team are building something extraordinary that is delighting patients and clinics alike, and we look forward to helping build the company.”  

— Jules Miller from Mindset Ventures

“Future Family was instrumental in helping us move forward with our IVF plans in 2020. The support I received from my fertility coach was a life-line during the intense time of COVID coupled with going through IVF. In fact, she was one of the first people we called after we gave birth. I’m so thankful to this company.”

— Sunny Stephens, Future Family client who delivered a healthy baby in February of 2021