HLBZ Stock: Why It Significantly Increased Today

By Annie Baker ● Sep 17, 2021
  • The stock price of Helbiz Inc (NASDAQ: HLBZ) increased by over 100% during intraday trading today. This is why it happened.

The stock price of Helbiz Inc (NASDAQ: HLBZ) – a global leader in micro-mobility and the first in its industry to be publicly listed on Nasdaq – increased by over 100% during intraday trading today. Investors are responding positively to Helbiz announcing an agreement between Helbiz Media (the company’s new streaming entertainment service and exclusive distributor of the Serie BKT media rights worldwide) and FOX Networks Group to broadcast the Italian Serie B championship across the USA and the Caribbean. 

This partnership marks Helbiz Media’s arrival in North America and is the first time the entire Serie B championship will be available to view in this region. Helbiz Media is going to provide FOX with exclusive audiovisual rights to broadcast the top Serie B matches and game highlights live on the FOX Sports family of networks. And FOX will broadcast three Serie B games per week in HD with English language commentary and Helbiz Live will feature commentary in Italian for all Italians living in America. The partnership is confirmed for the next three seasons including 2021-2022, 2022-2023, and 2023-2024.

This agreement also serves as a milestone for Serie B following the addition of several other newly confirmed broadcast markets including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Balkans, Greece, Spain, Latin America, Indonesia, Romania, and Israel. And broadcasting across these regions will provide the Serie BKT with continued growth, ultimately turning the championship into an international soccer attraction.


“This season has marked an enormous international growth of Serie B following the recent broadcast agreements announced in several countries on three continents. Fox and the North American market was the missing piece. It was an ambitious goal of ours, only a dream until a few months ago and we are honored to have achieved it. It gives us great satisfaction to be able to reach our Italian fans who are in the United States. We thank the many credible investors who operate in this market that are betting on our championship.”

— Mauro Balata, President of Lega Serie B

“We are honored to partner with FOX. The Serie B Championship could not find a better place to be broadcasted throughout North America. This partnership represents a huge step in terms of coverage, potential reach and editorial treatment for Serie B and expands the international presence of Helbiz Live. It also clearly demonstrates the growing interest in the Serie B Championship worldwide. With FOX and Helbiz Media broadcasting throughout the USA and the Caribbean, Serie B will receive great exposure in America.”

— Matteo Mammì, CEO of HELBIZ MEDIA

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