20 iOS 13 Tips And Tricks You Should Know About

By Amit Chowdhry ● January 1, 2020

Here are 20 Apple iOS 13 tips and tricks you should know about.

In 2019, Apple released its flagship mobile operating system iOS 13 with dozens of useful features. Along with these features, Apple also designed iOS 13 to make Face ID run much faster and ensure that apps launch twice as fast.

iOS 13 can be downloaded and installed on devices that go as far back as the iPhone 6s and iPhone SE device.

Here are some iOS 13 tips and tricks you should know about.

1.) Ability To Edit Videos

Apple has added the ability to edit videos in iOS 13. This tool works similarly to editing photos. Now when you click on Edit to crop, rotate, add filters, change the aspect ratio, and also adjust the exposure / highlights /shadows /contrast /brightness /black point /saturation / vibrance / warmth / tint / sharpness / definition / noise reduction / and vignette.

2.) Close Tabs On Safari In A Certain Amount Of Time

Apple has added an option to have tabs in Safari closed automatically after one day, one week, or one month automatically. You can control this feature by going to the Settings app > Safari > Close Tabs under “Tabs” section.

3.) Dark Mode

Dark Mode is one of the most highly anticipated features in iOS. When you update to iOS 13, your device will ask you right away whether you want to enable the feature. And Apple’s apps like Notes, Messages, and Mail will be set to Dark Mode while the feature is enabled.

The Dark Mode feature essentially makes your device easier on the eyes.

This can be switched on and off by going to Settings app > Display & Brightness > Appearance.

4.) Delete Apps From Updates Section

Apple has added the ability to delete apps from the Updates screen. You can do this by opening the App Store app. Then tap on your profile icon at the top-right. Under the “Updated Recently” section, you will see a list of apps that were updated recently. From there, you can swipe to the left to delete the apps you do not want to use any more.

5.) Double Tap 3 Fingers To Undo

When you are typing something on your iPhone, there are a couple of ways to “Undo.” You can shake the device to undo the typing. Or now you can double-tap 3 fingers on your device to undo typing.

This feature can be set up in Settings app > Accessibility > Touch > Shake to Undo.

6.) Easier Way To Drag The Cursor

In iOS 13, Apple changed the way to drag around the cursor. The most commonly known way to drag the cursor around is by pushing down on the space bar. But now you can simply touch the cursor and drag the cursor around.

7.) “Find My” App

In iOS 13, Apple has combined the “Find My Friends” and “Find My iPhone” app. In this app, there is a tab for People to find your contacts on Apple Maps. And there is a tab for Devices on Apple Maps. This app can especially come in handy if you lose one of your Apple devices or you are trying to meet with one of your contacts who is sharing their location.

With the “Find My” app, you can also remotely erase your data if you lost your device. Or you can remotely ask your device to make a noise if you lost it somewhere nearby. Apple also added the ability to track your device even if it is not connected to Wi-Fi.

8.) “Look Around” Feature In Maps

In the Maps app, there is a new feature called “Look Around.” This feature enables users to see locations from a street-level in a way that is similar to Google Street View.

9.) Memoji And Animoji Stickers Now Available For All

In iOS 13, Apple added an option to use Memoji and Animoji for all devices in the form of stickers.

In the app drawer, there is an Animoji Stickers app for using Apple’s popular animated characters. Or you can personalize Memoji stickers to create an avatar that looks like you.

The recently used Animoji and Memoji stickers can be used in other apps through the “Recently Used” menu.

10.) New Way To Move Apps Around

In previous iOS versions, you would have to push down on an app until it wiggles to move the icons around. Apple iOS 13 added a new way to move around the icons. This is done by pushing down on an icon and then tapping on “Edit Home Screen.” That will make the apps wiggle to indicate when you can move the icons around to arrange the screen.

11.) Optimize Battery Charging

It does not take long for an iPhone to charge from very little battery to 100%. And iPhone users tend to charge their devices overnight while they are sleeping. In order to optimize battery charging, the iPhone can learn your routine and wait until the right time to charge the iPhone fully to 100%. This can be controlled by going to the Settings app > Battery > Battery Health > Optimized Battery Charging.

12.) Personalize Settings For Websites

Apple iOS 13 allows you to personalize the settings for each website such as the font size, reader mode, and mobile or desktop version. So every time you visit that website, it will already be configured.

13.) Personalize Your Profile On Messages

With iOS 13, you can also personalize your Messages profile. This feature allows you to add a name and profile photo to your Messages conversation. You can use an Animoji or Memoji for your profile photo on Messages or simply use your initials.

And after your profile photo is personalized, you can share it with everyone, just your contacts, or no one.

You can change your profile photo and name by clicking on the ellipsis menu at the top of the Messages app and then selecting Edit Name and Photo.

14.) QuickPath Keyboard

Apple iOS 13 has a new QuickPath keyboard feature. This allows you to write out a word without lifting the finger off the keyboard by simply swiping from letter to letter.

This feature was also highly anticipated as many iOS users were previously turning to third-party keyboards for this feature. You can still tap on the letters as you did before.

15.) Reminders App Gets Revamped

The Reminders app has been revamped in iOS 13. The new Reminders app now shows you how many reminders have been set up total and how many you have set for the day. You can also separate reminders by different lists.

16.) Sending Unknown Callers To Voicemail

Spam phone calls can be a major nuisance. Fortunately, iOS 13 offers the ability to send unknown callers to voicemail automatically.

Apple points out that calls from unknown numbers will be silenced and sent to voicemail. And it will be displayed on the Recents lists. You will just hear a ring if the caller is in your Contacts.

You can set up this feature by going to the Settings app > Phone > Silence Unknown Callers.

17.) Share Audio With Two Pairs Of AirPods

If you and a friend both have Apple AirPods headphones, then you can share your audio. You can do this by connecting the device to both pairs of AirPods. Then you can select the second set of AirPods from the AirPlay settings.

18.) Subscription Warning After Deleting An App

Once you delete an app in iOS 13 and you happen to be a subscriber of that app, iOS 13 will warn you about it.

19.) Three New Animoji

In iOS 13, Apple added three new Animoji. Now you can use a cow, a mouse, or an octopus.

20.) Track Menstrual Cycle Through Health App

Apple has added the ability to privately track menstrual cycles through the Health app. This feature supports period and fertility tracking.

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