JBL Link Bar: Pros And Cons

By Dan Anderson ● Updated July 17, 2019

At the Google I/O 2018 event in May 2018, JBL unveiled its latest soundbar product known as the Link Bar. While the Link Bar may seem like a simple speaker, it packs powerful sound. And it has a number of features that are worth highlighting. Here are some of the JBL Link Bar pros and cons for you to consider before buying one.

Note: The JBL Link Bar will be available to the public later this year so this article will be updated again after the release.

JBL Link Bar / Photo: JBL

The Pros

Pro 1: Google Assistant And Android TV Built-In

The JBL Link Bar will respond to “Hey, Google” as it has the Google Assistant digital assistant feature built-in. The front LEDs will light up when you say Hey, Google” just like the Google Home does. And with Android TV built-in, you can stream on-demand content, play live TV, and interact with apps and games.

Pro 2: Smart Speaker Features

At the top of the JBL Link Bar are button controls and it will have a remote in the box with near-field voice communication support so that you can search for content and control Internet of Things devices. And the Link Bar also has two far-field microphones so that it can easily detect your voice from across the room.

Pro 3: Useful Number Of Ports

The JBL Link Bar has four HDMI passthrough ports and it supports 4K resolution.

Pro 4: 100W Of Power

The JBL Link Bar supports up to 100W of power so it provides a crystal clear sound experience even without a sound woofer.

The Cons

Con 1: Lack Of Aesthetics

The JBL Link Bar is lacking in aesthetics as it looks just like a simple and long black bar. But on the plus size, it blends nicely next to a TV when placed on an entertainment stand.

Con 2: No Subwoofer

The JBL Link Bar supports a 200W subwoofer, but it will not be included with the purchase.

Con 3: Higher Price

Preorders for the Link Bar begin on October 22nd at 12 AM ET. And B&H currently has the JBL Link Bar soundbar product listing, which shows that the price is $399.95. This is pretty steep compared to other smart soundbars on the market, but being an early adopter for premium products demands a premium price.

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