Kaival Brands (KAVL) Stock Price: Why It Surged Over 40% Today

By Amit Chowdhry ● Jun 14, 2022
  • The stock price of Kaival Brands Innovations Group Inc (NASDAQ: KAVL) surged by over 40% pre-market today. This is why.

The stock price of Kaival Brands Innovations Group Inc (NASDAQ: KAVL) – the U.S. distributor of all products manufactured by Bidi Vapor, LLC, which are intended for legal-age nicotine users – surged by over 40% pre-market today. Investors are responding positively to Kaival Brands announcing it reached an agreement with Philip Morris Products S.A. (PMPSA), a wholly-owned affiliate of Philip Morris International (PMI) for the development and distribution of electronic nicotine delivery system (ENDS) products in markets outside of the U.S., subject to market (or regulatory) assessment.

The company’s recently formed wholly-owned subsidiary Kaival Brands International, LLC (KBI), entered into an international licensing agreement with PMPSA on June 13, 2022. The International Agreement grants PMPSA a license of certain intellectual property rights relating to Bidi Vapor’s premium ENDS device, known as the BIDI Stick in the U.S., as well as potentially newly developed devices, to permit PMPSA to manufacture, promote, sell, and distribute such ENDS device and newly developed devices, in international markets, outside of the U.S. And the parties believe this agreement promotes their joint vision of a smoke-free future.


“We believe that in addition to the BIDI Stick having wide acceptance among legal-age nicotine users in the United States, Bidi Vapor’s numerous decisions around design; responsible adult-oriented marketing and stringent youth-access prevention measures; and sustainability bolstered its appeal to PMI. We, along with PMI and Bidi Vapor share the vision of a smoke-free future. The BIDI Stick offers legal-age nicotine users a high-quality alternative to cigarettes that satisfies their taste preferences. Further, we, along with Bidi Vapor, are committed to prioritizing the appropriate regulation and responsible commercialization, inclusive of taking the necessary measures to make sure these products do not appeal to unintended audiences, including youth. By example, Bidi Vapor does not engage in direct online sales to consumers and requires age-verification contracts with our distributors and retailers.”

“While Bidi Vapor continues to pursue the U.S. Food and Drug Administration premarket tobacco product authorization, cooperation with a major multi-national company like PMI, a leader in scientifically substantiated smoke-free products, opens doors on a global scale. Kaival Brands looks forward to a long productive relationship with PMI, to accelerate the end of smoking.”

“PMI is delivering a multi-category portfolio of smoke-free products in a variety of usage, taste, price, and technology options—intended to accelerate the delivery of a smoke-free future. “We believe that adding PMI’s vast network of possible retail partners to our portfolio will potentially create a substantial new revenue stream for us.”

“We are grateful for the opportunity to work with such an established and well-respected organization like PMI and its leadership team headed by Chief Executive Officer Jacek Olczak. But most important to us was our mutual core values of strictly compliant manufacturing combined with a responsible, adult-focused marketing of products that people can trust. It’s the only way we can truly help adult smokers around the globe. To that end, we want to replace cigarettes with smoke-free products as fast as possible. We look forward to reporting international market launches and are excited about where this agreement may lead.”

— Niraj Patel, CEO of Kaival Brands

“We have previously mentioned our intention to broaden our current smoke-free product portfolio for adults who would otherwise continue to smoke cigarettes or use other nicotine products. This agreement supports that vision and is another step toward accelerating the delivery of a smoke-free future. We are excited to start our agreement with Kaival Brands—led by CEO Niraj Patel—who shares the same vision as we do, to accelerate the end of combustible cigarette smoking.”

— PMI President E-Vapor, Ashok Rammohan

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