Pros and Cons Review Of Safari 4: Its Fast and Amazing (Nitro Engine Power!), But Still Buggy

By Amit Chowdhry ● February 24, 2009

Apple announced the availability of Safari 4 on both Macs and Windows PC systems today. I’ve already installed and tested it.  There is a Nitro Engine in Safari 4 that makes JavaScript run 4.2x faster than Safari 3.

The default homepage and new tab website on Safari 4 is a Top Sites feature that displays some of the sites that you have visited the most frequently.  If you put your mouse over one of the thumbnails, the border of the site turns purple.  It looks pretty cool.

Safari has changed around what is considered to be standard for web browsers. For example, tabs for the browser are at the very top of the window to make it easier to navigate.  When opening the history feature on Safari 4, it is in a Cover Flow format.  Pages that you recently visited appear in a format that is similar to when you are searching for music albums and movies on iTunes.


“Apple created Safari to bring innovation, speed and open standards back into web browsers, and today it takes another big step forward,” stated Philip Schiller, Apple’s SVP of Worldwide Product Marketing. “Safari 4 is the fastest and most efficient browser for Mac and Windows, with great integration of HTML 5 and CSS 3 web standards that enables the next generation of interactive web applications.

Other features built into the new safari include Full History search, smart address field, smart search field, full page zoom, and a Windows-native look for Safari in Windows.  Safari for Windows uses Microsoft’s font rendering, title bar, borders, and toolbars.  This makes Safari blend in better.


Personally, I like Apple’s font rendering engine better than the default font on Windows.

Fortunately, Windows allows you to change around the font settings within the rendering engine. To make the default Windows font look more like the Mac’s, I made the font “strong.”

While writing this review, I was using WordPress’ back-end. When I clicked on add a hyperlink, Safari 4 froze on me. So that means it took me less than 10 minutes to find a bug.

I think Apple should have done rigorous testing when using Safari for Windows Vista.  Especially considering that millions of people use WordPress. I’m guessing that I’ll find a number of other errors as time goes on and will update them on here.

What are your experiences with Safari 4?  Leave a comment.