Samsung Galaxy A20: Pros And Cons

By Amit Chowdhry ● Aug 3, 2020
  • Are you thinking of buying a Samsung Galaxy A20? Here are some of the Samsung Galaxy A20 pros and cons for you to consider before purchasing one.

In September 2019, Samsung released the Galaxy A20 range of devices. These devices are known to be the successor to the Samsung Galaxy J7 and Samsung Galaxy A6+. Are you thinking of buying a Samsung Galaxy A20? Here are some of the Samsung Galaxy A20 pros and cons for you to consider before purchasing one.

Pro: Affordable Price

The biggest advantages of Samsung’s A-line of smartphones are the price and the Galaxy A20 is no exception. You can buy a brand new Galaxy A20 for $249.99.

Pro: Large Beautiful Display

The Galaxy A20’s display is 6.4-inch OLED. This means that watching videos and playing games will feel like an immersive experience. And the display is edge-to-edge, meaning the bezels are thin so you have a better screen to body ratio.

Pro: Superior Cameras

Despite the low price, the Galaxy A20 has superior cameras. The front camera is an 8-megapixel with facial recognition. And there is a dual rear camera on the back with 13-megapixel as the main and a 5-megapixel (ultra-wide). The main camera has an f/1.9 aperture while the ultrawide angle camera has an f/2.2 aperture with a 123-degree angle. This enables you to capture more in every photo, especially with panoramics.

Pro: Upgraded Sound

The Samsung Galaxy A20 has Dolby Atmos support, which is a surround sound format that is used in commercial cinemas and smaller home theaters. This gives the A20 superior sound quality.

Pro: Solid Battery Life

The Samsung Galaxy A20 battery capacity is 4000 mAh. With this capacity, the battery life of the Galaxy A20 is rated at up to 33 hours of usage time and 13.6 days of standby time.

And the Galaxy A20 has fast charging support with USB Type C, so you don’t have to wait for long to power up your phone again. And the Galaxy 20 comes with a 15W charger for fast charging.

Pro: Wide Variety Of Color Options

The Galaxy A20 has a wide variety of color options. You can buy it in black, blue, red, coral, orange, or gold.

Con: No Wireless Charging

The Galaxy A20 lacks wireless charging support. This could be inconvenient for those of you who have wireless chargers around their home.

Con: Storage Is Only 32GB

With storage of only 32GB, you can quickly run out of space if you are not constantly backing up your photos and videos or unless you buy a microSD.

Con: Similar Priced Alternatives Have Superior Features

Although the price on the Galaxy A20 is hard to feat, there are comparable alternatives with superior features. For example, the Moto G7 Power has a better battery capacity (5,000 Mahers) than the Galaxy A20.

Pulse 2.0 Score

The Galaxy A20 is receiving a Pulse 2.0 score of 4 out of 5. It would have received a higher score if it had wireless charging and more than 32GB of storage.

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