Snap (SNAP) Stock Price: Why It Increased 1.64% Today

By Amit Chowdhry ● Jun 17, 2022
  • The stock price of Snap Inc (NYSE: SNAP) increased by 1.64% today. This is why.

The stock price of Snap Inc (NYSE: SNAP) increased by 1.64% today. Investors are responding positively to a report from The Verge that Snap is internally testing a paid subscription service called Snapchat Plus.

Snapchat Plus would likely give users access to features earlier than others. Snap spokesperson Liz Markman had confirmed the test with The Verge. 

“We’re doing early internal testing of Snapchat Plus, a new subscription service for Snapchatters. We’re excited about the potential to share exclusive, experimental, and pre-release features with our subscribers, and learn more about how we can best serve our community,” said Markman in the statement.

Plus Snap is also testing the ability to pin one of your friends as the “#1 BFF.” Snapchat Plus is being tested at a price of 4.59 euros per month or 45.99 euros per year. This puts the price at slightly lower than $5 per month in USD when it launches in the U.S.


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