IBM Power 770 Specs

Controller Enhanced I/O performance with 2 integrated POWER7+ I/O controllers per processor drawer
Processor/Chipset Up to 64 IBM POWER7+ cores with four processor drawers per server; One POWER7+ processor card per processor drawer: 16-core at 3.80 GHz or 12-core at 4.22 GHz
RAM Up to 4.0 TB of DDR3 memory with frequencies up to 1066 MHz, augmented with standard Active Memory Mirroring and optional Active Memory Expansion
Special Features Enhanced I/O performance with two integrated POWER7+ I/O controllers per processor drawer; Dynamic Platform Optimizer; Active Memory Expansion optimized onto the processor chip; 90 Days On/Off CoD Temporary Memory Enablement; Logical partitions, up to 1000 per system
Storage EXP30 Ultra SSD I/O Drawer with integrated, high-performance SAS controllers
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