UPS (UPS) Stock Could Hit $220: Analyst

By Amit Chowdhry ● Dec 5, 2022
  • The shares of UPS (UPS) could potentially hit $220 according to analysts at Deutsche Bank. These are the details.

Recently, Deutsche Bank analysts assigned UPS a price target of $220 along with a “Buy” rating.

Deutsche Bank analysts adjusted the rating while noting that it is easy to be neutral or negative on UPS in the current environment. And the Deutsche Bank analysts pointed out that past experiences believe that times like this are exactly when to get more bullish.

For the near term, the Deutsche Bank analysts believe market participants are too focused on volume growth and not on mix and productivity initiatives that could drive positive revenue growth and solid contribution margins.

Over the mid-term, the analysts believe upcoming teamsters’ contract negotiations will be more benign than expected. And there is potential for the negotiations to drive an opportunity for UPS to gain more market share going forward.


Price target: Increased from $197 to $220

Rating: Upgraded from “Hold” to “Buy”

Analyst firm: Deutsche Bank