WIMI Stock Price Increases Over 15%: Why It Happened

By Amit Chowdhry ● January 13, 2021
  • The stock price of WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc (NASDAQ: WIMI) is trading at over 15% today. This is why it happened.

The stock price of WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc (NASDAQ: WIMI) — a leading Hologram AR Technology provider in China — is trading at over 15% today. One of the reasons why the stock price is surging is due to WiMi obtaining a patent for a new 3D holographic pulse laser processing device for further advancing the application of holographic technology in EV autonomous driving.

The patent is a result of WiMi’s independent research and development and will allow the company to further improve its intellectual property protection system. And by unleashing the strengths of its proprietary intellectual property resources and enhancing its innovation mechanisms, WiMi continues to enhance its core competitive advantages to fortify its leadership in the development of new technologies.

3D optical holography pulse laser processing devices are going to be widely used in the fields of autonomous driving, medical imaging, unmanned flight, holographic spectrometers, and more. A holographic pulse laser processing device includes a pulse laser processor shell with an opening on one side, a laser device that is bonded to the bottom inner wall of the Shell, and a display device that is installed on the top of the shell.

On the inner wall of one side of the shell, there is a through-hole in which a transparent protective board is bonded. And there is also a focal lens bonded to the bottom inner wall of the shell. And to present the holographic data, the laser passes through the focal lens and transparent protective board, reaches the object, and then sends a command to the actuator through a deep neural network control.

With the rapid development of the electric vehicle industry, it is expected that pulse laser holography applications will play an increasingly important role in the collection and presentation of holographic data. For example — during the autonomous driving processes of EVs — the distance between the focus lens and laser must be adjusted quickly and accurately.
When the object becomes farther from or closer to the focal lens, the laser passes through the focal lens and transparent protective board to reach the object. And by evaluating the differences in reflections between different sized objects, WiMi’s New Device is capable of collecting and displaying clear holographic images.

In line with the surging demand for EV holographic applications, WiMi plans to develop EV holographic equipment, EV holographic chips, and EV holographic software to better meet this growing demand. And WiMi is committed to integrated holographic software and hardware solutions and will continue to develop and apply for more holographic AR patents that are suitable for the EV industry going forward.

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