HX Stock Drastically Increases This Past Week

By Amit Chowdhry ● Oct 18, 2021
  • The stock price of Xiaobai Maimai Inc (NASDAQ: HX) increased by over 109% this past week. These are some details you should know.

The stock price of Xiaobai Maimai Inc (NASDAQ: HX) increased by over 109% this past week. Xiaobai Maimai – formerly known as Hexindai Inc. (Xiaobai Maimai) – is a social e-commerce platform based in Beijing, China.

And the company collaborates with domestic e-commerce platforms and offers users a wide selection of affordable products on its social e-commerce platform. Utilizing its cooperation with mainstream e-commerce platforms and online service marketplaces, the company continues to generate fast growth for the business by identifying and introducing cost-efficient products through its data analytics algorithm and operating system and attracts users to its platform with excellent customer service.

In late September, Xiaobai Maimai had announced it plans to enter the radiation oncology services market in the U.S.

And the company recently established We Health Limited, a subsidiary based in New York, to tap into the cancer therapy and radiation oncology business in the U.S. The company’s Board of Directors also appointed Yilin (Linda) Wang to be Co-Chief Executive Officer. Wang has extensive experience in medical health, health management, and medical technology related businesses.

Cancer is known for being a leading cause of death worldwide. And according to the World Health Organization (WTO) Global Cancer Observatory, there were approximately 18 million cancer cases diagnosed worldwide in 2018, and the number of new cancer cases diagnosed annually is projected to increase to almost 25 million by 2030. Known as being one of the most common treatments for cancer, radiotherapy has been widely adopted and has shown steady growth over the years.

According to the WTO, over 50% of cancer patients require radiotherapy as part of their cancer care and it is frequently used to treat the most common types of cancers. And based on the company’s market research, the management team believes that there are ample opportunities for radiation oncology centers located on the East Coast to cater to patients from different ethnicities due to their healthcare experience and language expertise.

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