Venture Pulse – Recent VC Activity and Deals

Considering all the hype around funded companies and web 2.0, I can see why almost everyone believes we are in a bubble. I do not agree. We still have some time before we reach a bubble. It’ll be time to worry when startups start buying Super Bowl commercial spots.

Enough small talk – lets get to the fun stuff. Here is a roundup of recent funding activity. I threw in cutesy comments on some of the companies for your enjoyment.

Dogster – $1 Million from Angel Investors – Not a bad idea. There are a lot of people out there that love their dogs more then their kids. Plus this is one site where the word bitch is not derogatory. Now all they need is a dog to be their marketing VP.

Seventymm – $7.5 Million from Matrix Partners India – Seventymm plans to become India’s NetFlix. I have no idea how it managed to raise $10 Million total so far. Their business model has some major roadblocks ahead. But that’s a whole different post.

Jacked – $0.5 Million from Provenance Ventures – It’s in stealth mode. Who knows what the heck is going on behind closed doors. Let’s just hope this isn’t a social network for jacked body builders. That’d be weird.

Eventful – $7.5 Million from Bay Partners – Another event site that got lots of money. I like a lot better.

Tremor Network – $8.4 Million from Masthead Venture Partners and Canaan Partners – Rich media is hot and so is rich media advertising. Good for Tremor!

Fliqz – $1 Million from Angel Investors – The site looks like crap. Thats my million dollar Fliqz review.

MyNewPlace – $12 Million from Sutter Hill Ventures and Split Rock Partners – The housing market sucks and the rental market is booming so I am sure MyNewPlace will do well. Plus unlike most apartment search sites, MyNewPlace is a clean site with very few ads.

Vyatta – $7.5 Million from JPMorgan Partners, ComVentures, and ArrowPath Venture Partners – They are an open source network company with a damn cool vision.

I’ll be doing a roundup every few days so make sure to check back often.

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