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Founded in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Pulse 2.0 focuses on business news, profiles, and deal flow coverage. Pulse 2.0 was founded by Amit Chowdhry and Shan Sadiq, two entrepreneurs who have combined over 20 years of experience building products that reach millions of consumers globally.

Amit Chowdhry – Co-Founder and Editor-In-Chief

Email: amit@pulse2.com

Social: LinkedIn

Amit has written over 30,000 articles about startups, big tech, M&A deals, and device reviews. Between 2012 and 2018, Amit wrote over 1,000 business and tech articles as a contributor for Forbes. Amit has a bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University in Supply Chain Management.

Shan Sadiq – Co-Founder & Lead Engineer

Email: shan@pulse2.com

Social: LinkedIn

Shan oversees engineering, operations, partnerships, and growth at Pulse 2.0. Shan has a bachelor’s degree from Eastern Michigan University in Entrepreneurship.


Amit Chowdhry – Co-Founder & Editor-In-Chief / Contact: amit@pulse2.com / LinkedIn

Shan Sadiq – Co-Founder / Contact: shan@pulse2.com / LinkedIn

Dan Anderson – Associate Editor & Business Specialist / dan@pulse2.com

Noah Long Associate Editor (Venture Capital) / noah@pulse2.com

Annie Baker Associate Editor (Venture Capital)  / annie@pulse2.com

Josh Zielinski – Associate Editor (Consumer Devices & Software) / Facebook


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