Google earns 25% of total online ad revenue

According to an eMarketer report, it looks like Google may earn 25% of the total online ad revenue this year. Now that’s a huge number. The online advertising sector is by no means small. And it’s growing at a favorable rate. For a company to pocket ¼ of this sector’s entire revenue is a big deal. Yahoo on the other hand will pocket 18% of total online ad revenue this year. Its predicted that next year, Google will earn as much as 30% of the online advertising market’s revenue. This year, Google will see an increase of 65% over last year’s advertising revenues.

What does all this mean? Google is turning into an unstoppable monster. Thanks to its humongous market cap and piles of cash, Google has the available resources to crush almost any competition. The Internet is becoming Googlized. And I am not sure how I feel about that.

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