Google AdWords Competitor, Raises $18 Mill

Turn LogoNorwest Venture Partners has invested $18 million in, a company that is taking on Google as a search advertiser. “Turn is the world’s first automatic targeting, bidded CPA ad network. Which means advertisers can enjoy benefits that no other advertising network can deliver: bidded CPA pricing to eliminate risk, blended targeting to increase relevance, and automatic targeting to simplify campaign management. The result: better performance and higher return on investment [source].”

Rather than using keyword analysis, uses demographic and action factors to determine which ads to set in certain places. “We built the world’s first automatic targeting ad network in response to advertiser and publisher demand for a simplified, lower risk solution for online advertising that also improves relevance and revenue,” stated Jim Barnett, the CEO of “The result is a revolutionary improvement in online advertising.” was founded by a former CEO and Executive Vice President of Product and Technology of AltaVista, Jim Barnett and John Ellis.

Google AdWords Competitor, Raises $18 Mill Comments

  1. Omarion says:

    Can anyone give me ideas…
    I have been using adwords to promote my online business websites. I almost never see any results. I think the most amount of traffic i have recieved from adwords is 5 unique visitors in a whole month. Is there anyother good ppc options besides google where i will get better exposure of my website.

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