Use Gickr to Create Animated Gifs Online

Gickr is a simple utility that lets you create animated gif online. You can create animated gifs from uploaded photos or imported photos from Flickr. User registration is not required to create the gifs. Here is a walk-through of Gickr’s animated gif creation process.

Uploading images is a breeze. You simply click browse and add up to 10 images in the sequence you want them animated. The upload system did seem a bit glichy because it took me two tries to finally get it to work.

The upload interface lets you set size and speed preferences for your animated gif. The speed preference is a bit unclear because it lets you select between blasting, fast, normal and slow but does not specify how many seconds the interval is for those options.

After you upload, you are taken to a page that shows a preview of your animation. You can save the animation to your hard drive or link to it on Glickr’s server. Although I am not sure how long they will host the image. So I would suggest saving it. You can also email the image to a friend or share it in Glickr’s gallery. I saw some rather awkward images in the gallery so I would suggest not sharing it. The gallery feature is actually kind of pointless for a utility like Glickr.

Here is my animated gif:

You can also import your images from Flickr to animate but I did not try that feature. I am sure its similar to uploading images.

Although Gickr is an awkward name, it’s a nifty little utility to create animated gifs on the fly. Like other online file utilities such as Zamzar, Gickr could possibly also gain some traction. Gickr would definitely need to improve its upload system and clarity its gif preferences. But once it does that, I can see myself using Gickr on a regular basis. It beats creating animated gifs in Photoshop.

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  1. Mark S says:

    Hey Buddy, thanks for the great review! Can we link it down from Gickr?

    I’m not sure about whether it will be more like photoshop or more like dating site, so enjoy it as it is.

    Again, thanks for walk-through.

  2. Ksenia says:

    very useful, I believe.

  3. Hanah says:

    I dont Get it

  4. Hanah says:

    J/K , J/K i get itt

  5. chelsea says:

    omg its soo easy

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  7. y says:

    how do i take my pictures out of i dont want dem 2 bi goin all around da web

  8. y says:

    how do i take my pics out of gickr i dont want dem 2 bi goin all around da web

  9. mia says:

    why gickr problems with upload?

  10. mikel says:

    hey y is forbidden

  11. bigbb says:

    You can use to make animated GIF from YouTube videos!

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