Grepr Now Archiving Over 40,000 Podcasts

Grepr LogoWhat is Grepr? Grepr takes some of the top podcasts from all over the Internet and aggregates them into a centralized location so that the typical podcast listener does not have to manually move from website-to-website or from software-to-software to hear their preferred podcast content. Grepr plans on centralizing other types of media in the near future as well, but for now the company is focusing on podcasts.

To fully optimize the Grepr experience, users are asked to register. Once you register, Grepr asks you to select some of the interests and genres of podcasts that you prefer to listen to. The ‘interests’ section asks users to input tags so that Grepr can find and match these tags with recommended podcasts. Some of the genres include Arts, Business, Comedy, Education, Technology, and TV & Film.

Grepr has archived over 40,000 podcasts thus far such as Diggnation, Inside the Net, Buzz out Loud from CNET, Ask a Ninja, and NPR and allows users to browse through them alphabetically or via search. Users are able to rate their favorite podcasts on a 5-star system. Not only that, but users are also able to display their podcast subscriptions on their websites as displayed below:
Grepr Screenshot

Given the fact that Grepr is powered by only two Rutgers University graduates, this website offers a great service. The amount of potential that Grepr has makes me believe that the company could very much be the Yahoo! Music equivalent of podcasts. The development team blog is [here].

Grepr Now Archiving Over 40,000 Podcasts Comments

  1. Michael says:

    Thanks for all of the kind words, Amit. There’s only one thing I’d like to add to your review. The main focus of grepr is connecting users to content that is relevant to their interests. For example, uploading your current subscription list will enhance the recommendations given to anyone that registers. I think you made an indirect reference to this feature by comparing us to yahoo music, which is flattering. As we roll out other genres next year, we plan on cross-referencing data to provide even better recommendations that we hope users will enjoy. Amit, thank you for reviewing our site, Eric and myself really appreciate it.

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