Several WordPress Developers Now Creating New Blogging Platform: Habari

If I were to rank the some of the mainstream blogging platforms from best to worst, it would be WordPress, Movable Type, Blogger, MSN Spaces, Xanga, Live Journal, and then the social networks that have blogs built-in like MySpace and Facebook Notes. But now there is a new blogging platform gearing up for release called Habari. The name Habari is based on a word that means ‘What’s the news?’ in Swahili. Habari aims to utilize new interface technologies such as PHP 5 and AJAX.

Some of the developers that are involved are Michael Heilemann, Owen Winkler, Abou Alfa, Chris J Davis, Scott Merrill and Rich Bowen, all of whom had a major role in the WordPress blogging platform development. Heilemann developed a default theme for version 1.5 of WordPress called Kubrick. Winkler was heavily involved with the development of WordPress 2.0. Abou Alfa contributed Manji, Rin, and the Shuttle project to WordPress. Scott Merrill has developed plug-ins for WordPress in the past. And Rich Bowen has been a contributor for WordPress development as well.

The release date has not been announced yet, so this means that bloggers can speak up about what they want out of a new blogging platform. On Abou Alfa’s blog, there was a prototype screen shot available of the user interface below:

Habari Prototype
The Habari project page is located at

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Several WordPress Developers Now Creating New Blogging Platform: Habari Comments

  1. khaled says:

    Hey there, thanks for the write up, very cool, just a quick one, erm my full surname (if you’re keen on using it in the way above) is erm Abou Alfa (two words one surname), and for what I’ve done for the WordPress community, my contributions were Manji and RIn and the Shuttle project (not sure what the showcasing wordpress thing is all about). Once again thanks for the write up.

  2. Amit Chowdhry says:

    Hi Abou,
    I made sure to fix all of the above changes. I got a little bit confused because when I searched for your name on Google, a Changing WordPress blog appeared, so I thought you were associated with it.

  3. khaled says:

    Er, Amit. my first name is Khaled, surname is Abou Alfa. Not Abou or Alfa :).

  4. Amit Chowdhry says:

    Sorry about that, missed a spot in one of the paragraphs. I hope its fixed again.

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