Wellsphere: A Healthy Lifestyle Community Now in Public Alpha

Wellsphere LogoWellsphere was created by Ron Gutman and Dave Kashen, two MBA Stanford Business School alumni. Wellsphere is a social network that promotes wellness within the community of users and aims to help members ‘live healthier, happier lives.’ Through the network, Wellsphere aims to provide information regarding people, places, food & dining, and sport centers revolving around the welness theme.

Common uses for the website include finding trainers and instructors. Users also recommend gyms, yoga studios, spas, and other places for physical fitness. Wellsphere also encourages users to list healthy dishes at various restaurants and review sports equipment and apparel.

When creating a profile users fill in About You, Relationship Status, Orientation (Straight or Gay/Lesbian), Body Type, Height/Weight, and City/State. When this is done, users then create wellspheres (goals I want help others achieve and goals I want to achieve). Users also fill in their activities and skill levels for those activities.  Once this is done, users can search for activity partners or browse through Local Resources.

Events associated with Wellsphere appear to have a great turnout by looking at pictures on the Wellblog.  Wellsphere is growing rapidly and has an active user base, especially in the Bay Area/Silicon Valley.  I believe that the idea of the website and its premise will do wonders for the founders.  Everyone is seeking ways to become healthier.

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Wellsphere: A Healthy Lifestyle Community Now in Public Alpha Comments

  1. Pat Schubert says:

    I’m always looking for new Wellness sites. I’m a healthy vegetarian, though I’m afflicted with Celiac disease and I love new communities! I tried out Wellsphere and I can’t get it. I was browsing around the site and there didn’t seem to be any content yet, so I’m not sure what you mean about “growing rapidly”. I couldn’t even find a search to find articles on celiac. I tried to sign up but there was some kind of error. I know its in Alpha but still, it should work!

    I’m a member of a couple of other communities right now like Dailystrength and this just looks like they have a long way to catch up before their even close.

  2. Benny Tunak says:

    I don’t get what these articles are about. The site is dreadful. Do you try things out before you just post about it? My god, have some respect for yourself. There is nothing on the site. No articles. No community. Nothing to grow rapidly. From what I know (through the grapevine) Ron Gutman is a lunatic sociopath, and Dave Kashen is a wannabe lapdog. It’s a big ball of nothing.

  3. Amit Chowdhry says:

    I do agree that the site could use a redesign. And by choosing the words “growing rapidly,” I mean that many other top blogs are writing about them including VentureBeat and TechCrunch, so clearly I assumed too fast. I am definitely eating my own words right now and next time I’ll obviously do a bit more browsing within other social network websites that I review.

    Great feedback though.

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