Zoopy: South Africa’s First Video/Photo Sharing Social Network

Zoopy LogoDevelopment for Zoopy began around August 2006 and is created by Full House Technologies.  Zoopy is the first South-African based video and photo sharing social network.  To become a user of the website, you don’t have to be from Cape Town, so I decided to give it a test.

Registration for the website is very simple.  Below is a screen shot of the registration form:
Zoopy Screen Shot 1
After you complete registration, you now have the ability to upload videos, create a profile, upload an avatar picture for your profile, send messages, add friends, join groups, and view comments for your shared multimedia.  All of this information is aggregated on your dashboard page [screen shot below]:
Zoopy Screen Shot 2
So how is the user base you ask?  While the site went into Live Beta within the last couple days, there are some very active users.  One of them that caught my attention has the username, Diva and is uploading some 70’s American music videos like Abba’s Dancing Queen:
Zoopy Screen Shot 3
The videos also have an add to favorites, video rating system, and a flagging feature similar to YouTube.  Photo sharing is similar to Flickr in the sense that users can rate each others pictures and all pictures belong to certain categories.  Some categories include Fashion and Style, Food and Drink, and Nightlife and Clubs.

The user interface for Zoopy is quite easy to navigate around.  I’d say that the only drawback for Zoopy is that it is difficult to find something that distinguishes itself from other photo and video social network conglomerates out there.

This article was written by Amit Chowdhry. You can follow me at @amitchowdhry or on Google+ at

Zoopy: South Africa’s First Video/Photo Sharing Social Network Comments

  1. Jason says:

    Hi Amit!

    Fantastic review – by far on the most in-depth we’ve received and very, very welcome.

    We’re still in Live Beta stages, which as you know means that there are some kinks to iron out here and there – but the response from users and industry colleagues has been very encouraging.

    To answer your question regarding relevancy and our points of differentiation, the immediate distinguishing characteristic of Zoopy is that it houses South African content AND content that interests South Africans. Rather than trawl through millions/billions/gazillions of YouTube videos to find something that’s relevant to us, South Africans (wherever they are in the world) now have a single hub where videos and photos are ALL relevant. If something happens locally that makes local news at 10am, a video could be up on Zoopy before the news stations have a chance to broadcast on the 6pm TV news, for example.

    But it doesn’t end there. Our competitions are local, meaning that unlike YouTube, South Africans CAN enter to win our prizes, and the winners could even come from your hometown — not Canada or Japan or Idaho in the USA.

    BUT even having said all that, we’re not stopping at differentiating ourselves purely by virtue of us hosting regional content. We have a feature list that will be rolling out over the next few weeks and months, and some of the items on it aren’t even happening at the social networking giants like YouTube and MySpace. They’re 100% unique and we believe this will provide even greater value to our members, beyond simply sharing the same nationality.

    Please have a look through our blog at http://blog.zoopy.com, particularly at this post: http://blog.zoopy.com/?p=25.

    All the best – and thanks again for the constructive, very welcome review :)

    Zoopy – Share it with someone!

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