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There are so many blogs out there that run on WordPress and depend on its user interface and functionality: Pulse 2.0, TechCrunch, GigaOM, StartupSquad, Profy and Mashable just to name a few. When new versions of the software are released, you should expect that its major functionalities are bug free. I wish I could say that about WordPress 2.1 which I have been not too happy with since upgrading. I may be the only one who is having this issue, but the biggest problem is that it does not work with Internet Explorer 6.0 or 7.0 correctly. Below is a screen shot of the back-end of WordPress when writing a blog post whether you are TechCrunch or GigaOM and using Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.
Wordpress Screen Shot 1
The difference is that when you’re using Internet Explorer, Wordpress Screen Shot 2 shows up and you can’t even click on the form to write the post. This is a major problem because this forces publishers like myself to switch to Firefox when writing posts. As a developer myself, I understand that ensuring compatibility with Internet Explorer can sometimes be tricky because the browser may not follow W3C standards. But the reality is that Microsoft Internet Explorer still has the largest market-share for Internet browsers.

Sometimes you may end up on computers that will not allow you to install Firefox because you may not have admin privelages. Does that mean I should be stuck not having the ability to update my own blog because of WordPress flaws? This is a call to all WordPress developers to integrate Internet Explorer compatibility. I’m certain that the publishing community would appreciate it.

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WordPress 2.1 Needs IE Compatibility Comments

  1. Kevin J. Smith says:


    Are you using version 2.1.2? They appear to have solved the bug, as I just tried it and it seems to work. You might want to try installing the incremental upgrade.


  2. Kevin J. Smith says:

    As an aside – I was using IE7 on Windows XP.

  3. Amit Chowdhry says:

    I believe I’m using version 2.1 and not 2.1.2. I’ll back-up my database and go through the installation and try it out to see if it works for me on IE 6 and IE 7 using XP later today. Thanks, Kevin.

  4. Amit Chowdhry says:

    Just upgraded to 2.1.2, but still no luck with WordPress working on IE. Still getting the errors and don’t have the ability to click in the post form.

  5. HadylayetsWat says:


  6. alan says:

    Having problems with my site, doent work with IE where its perfertly fine with Firefox. Can think what to do as my knowledge is pretty shabby.

  7. Amit Chowdhry says:

    For some reason I have no problems with IE when I go to:

    example.com/wp-admin, but I do have problems when using

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