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Unlimited Storage:
Yahoo! Mail has really been stepping up their game.  It was not too long ago when Yahoo! released a new version of Mail.  Recently the company announced that it would be unleashing an unlimited storage feature in May 2007.  I don’t believe any other free web e-mail client offers the same, but perhaps GMail will now have a motive to go beyond its current 2.8+ GB storage access.  All of Yahoo! Mail’s 250 million users will have the unlimited storage.  Those who paid $20 for a premium 2GB account would be refunded.

The Yahoo! Developer Network announced that they would be releasing several APIs for users to build applications.  The applications allow users to list messages, display folders, and compose/send messages.  According to the Yahoo! Developer Network blog, developers can also earn money through the API.

“Yes, cash. With this release, Yahoo! Mail Web Service developers can earn referral commissions by building compelling applications targeted at our premium email users. For a trial period, Yahoo! Mail is offering an incentive for developers to build applications using the full functionality available for premium Yahoo! Mail accounts. Specifically, Yahoo! Mail is currently providing a commission of $10.00 for every new Yahoo! Mail Plus account referred by approved developers,” wrote Chad Dickerson, Head of Yahoo! Developer Network.

Currently there are code samples available in PERL, .NET, JAVA, Python, and PHP.  Selected applications created by developers would be displayed on the Yahoo! Developer Network Gallery.

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Yahoo! Mail’s Unlimited Storage and API Comments

  1. Ryan Kennedy says:

    Thanks Amit! We’re really excited to finally get this web service into the hands of the developers to see what they can do with it.

    Ryan Kennedy
    Yahoo! Mail Web Service Engineer

  2. Amit Chowdhry says:

    Not a problem, Ryan. I think that the Flickr/Yahoo! Mail integration application is pretty cool use of the APIs available:

    I’m sure a lot more interesting stuff will come around at Hack Day 07′ with the Mail API.

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