Tall Street: Vote For Your Favorite Websites

Tall Street LogoI was recently contacted by Gary Roberts, a 21 year old software engineer from New Zealand who created Tall Street with Robert Mena.  Tall Street is a ‘Social Recommendation Engine’ where users vote for websites based on several categories.

The categories are: Web, Video, Music, Image, Book, News, Blog, Group, Shopping, Software, and Podcast.  Any visitors can vote for websites, even if they reload the website without even needing to register.

If you do create an account, you are allotted 50 cents in your account.  With that 50 cents, you can invest into any website.  Users can add a link, invest in other websites, and maintain investments within a portfolio:
Tall Street Screen Shot 1
This idea reminds me of another company that I had reviewed before:
Alexa Street Logo
Alexa Street was offline for quite some time, but resurfaced recently.  The advantage that Alexa Street has over Tall Street it is designed better to simulate stock trading where share value emulates change in Alexa rankings.  Tall Street allows anyone to vote for a site.  The advantage that Tall Street has is that it is not dependent on a third party to run.  Statsaholic (the website formely known as Alexaholic) ran into several problems because of that.

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  1. ladybird1005 says:

    websiteoutlook.com, cubestat.com and my favourite, http://www.estimix.com, all provide similar and much better traffic estimations. All of them are based on Alexa traffic ranking though.

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