Google Acquires Marratech’s Software (Not the Company); Now Pursuing Videoconference Application

Google / Marratech Logos

Google announced yesterday that they have acquired Marratech’s software.  Marratech is a global company based in Sweden “which enable remote groups and individuals to collaborate and interact over the internet [Source: About Marratech].”

Google will be collaborating and depending on Marratech engineers based in Sweden as far as research and development is concerned for the software tools.

WebEx is a company that provides similar solutions which was recently acquired for $3.2 billion by Cisco Systems. 

Are you pondering what I’m pondering?  The tools gained by Google’s recent acquisition of Marratech software and Tonic Systems (developer of online presentation software) combined could make one kick-ass online application.  Hopefully we’ll start hearing more about this as the summer passes.

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