Windows Live Spaces Adds A Few Extra Features

Windows Live Spaces LogoThe Windows Live blogging tool, Spaces has introduced many new features recently.  As of right now, the service is available in 51 countries and 25 languages, 18 million photos are added per day and totaling 4 billion, and 93 million accounts are in existence.

The new homepage features information regarding recent actions taking place on your social network such as comments, messages, and friend request.  Several extra customization features have been added such as the ability to choose a background image.  There is a new guestbook feature and messaging feature.

There is also RSS feeds for individual profile, photo album, blog categories, friends, etc.  API functionality has also been added so users can embed widgets (“gadgets”) on their site.

Although I am not a user of Windows Live Spaces, I can appreciate the changes that are taking place here.  I remember back when the only personalization you can give to your MSN Messenger account was a simple profile.  Now you can associate blog posts, photos, friends, RSS feeds, and a unique URL with your Windows Live Messenger account.

[Information Source: LiveSide]

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Windows Live Spaces Adds A Few Extra Features Comments

  1. Rob Dolin says:

    Thanks very much for covering the new Spaces release. Folks can find more info on the new features on the team’s blog at

  2. Ali Alpay says:

    Thanks for the post. If you have a moment to create a space, please do so: we would also love to hear your feedback on our team blog Rob linked to above.

  3. Amit Chowdhry says:

    No problem Ali/Rob,
    I’ll create an account tomorrow and start playing around with it and leave more feedback on Pulse 2.0.

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