’s Next Evolutionary Step. Search Has Come A Long Way Since Jeeves.[1], formerly known as, changed around the look & feel of the search engine last night. The new look gives the website more of a three-dimensional look, hence the name Ask3D.

“It’s a pretty radical change,” stated John Battelle, CEO of Federated Media. “Most of the big players have a lot to lose, so they don’t want to shock the system. Ask has less to lose.”

Supporting Battelle’s statement, I believe that because Ask has less to lose, it can readily launch bizarre marketing campaigns such as the advertisement below: BillBoard
[Source: Search Engine Roundtable[2]]

Below is a screen shot of the new look & feel of Screen Shot 1
I did a search on Detroit Pistons NBA basketball player, Rip Hamilton and noticed that Ask uses a three-panel system: Screen Shot 2
In the left panel is related news, search expansion suggestions, narrow search suggestions, and the search box itself. The middle panel has the actual search results. And the right panel has images, a biography clipping from Wikipedia, and blog search results. Each search result website can be saved to MyStuff, a bookmarking system through

“The way we will grow is by increasing the frequency of use of the 30 million monthly users we already have in the U.S.,” stated Jim Lanzone, CEO of By consolidating information on keywords from various sources, I think this new look for will help the company remain competitive. is the #4 search engine behind Yahoo!, MSN, and Google.

Jeeves, it’s been real. Jeeves is’s former mascot, a butler that was axed shortly after IAC/InterActiveCorp acquired the company for $1.85 billion in March 2005.

[2] Search Engine Roundtable: SEOs Critique’s New “Algorithm Ads”

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  1. Business Education says:

    Honestly, this is not really evolutionary move. There is nothing change. It only move 3 searchs in 1 page. There is nothing change in search algorithm itself. however I like the way put wiki. it help to understand the word.

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