Craigslist Bans Listpic Service

Craigslist & Listpic Screen ShotsCraig Newmark, a man of the Web 0.1 world[1], announced that Listpic has been banned because the mash-up technology was consuming too much of Craiglist’s bandwidth.

Listpic made it easy to browse through pictures that were attached in craigslist classified ads.  Some users were upset because they said that they looked at craigslist more because of listpics services.  Newmark also followed up that “one other major issue still under investigation, where we have yet to determine who’s responsible” is another reason why Listpic was banned.

Once upon a time, Photobucket was banned by MySpace, but both companies made up and Photobucket was acquired by the MySpace.  Could Listpic have a similar fate by Craigslist?  Stay tuned.

Listpic was created by Ryan Sit.  The interaction between craigslist and listpic is available at:[2]

[Information Source: Download Squad[3]]

[1] Pulse 2.0: Daylife’s Round 1 Funding-Comments
[3] Download Squad: Craigslist Blocks Listpic

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Craigslist Bans Listpic Service Comments

  1. irieb says:

    listpic was a great initial pass – but the app was doomed at its conception because the inherit bandwidth issue in it’s design; with listpic down I took up the challenge as a hobby project to publish a site that hopefully will play nice with craigslist – you can find it here


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