OMG!, Yahoo!’s New Celebrity Gossip News Website

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Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO) has been making some interesting moves lately. Today the company announced that they have launched a celebrity news and information website called OMG. The URL is[1].

The homepage unsurprisingly features Paris Hilton crying on her way to jail. Yahoo! Entertainment, NBC’s Access Hollywood, and x17 is providing some of the content for the website. The website also contains videos embedded by Yahoo! Video. Below is a screenshot:
OMG! Screen Shot 1
There are three tabs of featured content: Hot Topics, Celebs, and News. Hot Topics include BFFs, Big Sunglasses, and Brangelina. The website looks like the cover of a People Magazine.

Yahoo! continues to surprise me. The very respectable search engine company has been introducing all sorts of oddball ideas. This also includes the avatars that Yahoo! designed below for the LGBT community[2]:
Yahoo! Gay Avatars

I have promised myself that the next Yahoo! idea that comes out won’t shock me
[1] Yahoo’s OMG!
[2] Valleywag: Yahoo’s gay avatars

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  1. herpesfinder says:

    MOre and more spamming message on yahoo omg now

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    This is sooo not gossip- der you retards!-chole

  4. ClearGlimpse says:

    A spokesperson says the Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, is desolated after she was secretly taped apparently offering to trade access to her ex-husband Prince Andrew in return for 500,000 British pound ($725,000).

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