HTC Mogul 6800 Can Be Modded To Operate Just Like An iPhone

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I just bought an HTC Mogul 6800 recently and use Sprint PCS as my cell phone provider. For developers in the same situation as me, those interested in the iPhone but not enough to switch providers, took phone mods to the next level. I just watched a YouTube video of an HTC Mogul 6800 look just like an iPhone including YouTube video playing capabilities.

The video of the demo is embedded below:

Although I haven’t really checked out the features of the iPhone much, maybe iPhone owners could tell me if there is something unique about the iPhone that the HTC with these mods do not have.

Note: This is not my video

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HTC Mogul 6800 Can Be Modded To Operate Just Like An iPhone Comments

  1. Alex Krige says:

    I really like this, it just shows how all the iPhones super features are just software. It’s just a fancy GUI, and an expensive one at that.

  2. Mo Kakwan says:

    Heh, yea all the features are software but it still felt clunky with him running it on there. If was like he was holding a glowing bag of doritoes. I bet it’s because you can actually hear him clicking buttons and the birds chirping in the background. When you use an iphone there is no clicking noises, or birds chirping, only Steve Jobs sexy baratone voice over the soothing tunes of red hot chilli peppers. MMmmm… yea I’m never going to buy an Iphone.

  3. Amit Chowdhry says:

    Funny comment, Mo. Alex, I agree with your comment too. The hype seems to be all around the software. The HTC Mogul costed me about $260. iPhone retail is still $499-$599.

  4. SCOTTLE says:

    How do you turn the Mogul 6800 into the Apple iPhone like that.

  5. Amit Chowdhry says:

    A guy at the sprint store told me you can find out at:

  6. imran says:


  7. chavonne says:

    how do i make my 6800 just like an iphone

  8. Tommy says:

    Can anyone just put the damn link up without all this techy crap? No one cares how who did it just give us the damn files!!!!!!

  9. Mark says:

    I agree, it looks fantastic, can you post it for and tell us how we can do it also?

  10. austin says:

    the mogul is better than the iphone. yeah I made a call on the internet like the iphone. has the same features less cheaper no viruses. & am watchin a whole lot of videos 4 free & a lot of space 2 download a much movies & songs as I want.

  11. Amit Chowdhry says:

    i agree, austin. i still have yet to watch videos on here though.

  12. Bree says:

    Ok, I have this phone and I can barely get ringtones! How do u do all of this and is there anyway u can save your contacts to a memory card, because it gets stuck so much that I have had 3 hard resets and lost my info…

  13. Amit Chowdhry says:

    To put ringtones on your phone, you basically plug your phone into a USB plug. Your computer should automatically synchronize it.

    So while you’re phone is plugged into your computer, go to My Computer on Windows. Then you’ll see Mobile Device as an option to explore files. You’ll see a folder called My Ringtones and you can drag+drop MP3s into it.

    Then on your phone, click
    Start->Settings->Sounds & Notifications->Notifications. Then click on the pull-down menu for Event and click on Phone: Incoming Call. You’ll notice that your MP3s are in that folder now.

    It’s definetely a long process, but I guess thats the problem with SmartPhones as a whole.

  14. jonathan says:

    does anyone know where to find this iphone software??? plz response

  15. Anonymous says:

    I suggest that those who want to know where to get this duplicated iPhone software, go to the youtube website and search on “htc mogul” and open the video clip directly and it should show you who posted it then e-mail that person

  16. jonathan says:

    I just don’t see wat da big deal is all we want is the software so we can go and rub it in other peoples faces wat the fu%? share the wealth not to be rude but don’t be greedy and give to the needy and I need it

  17. Anonymous says:


  18. Anonymous says:

    you can get the software on ebay. $20

  19. Spitfire56 says:

    I just bought the Mogul 6800 with the iphone software, I am hoping it will come by next Friday. Send email for questions, I am keeping my fingers crossed that it is what they say it is! Wish me Luck!

  20. Smart Guy says:

    Guys, the iphone has a lot of hardware that this Mogel does not have. The tecnology is expensive in the iphone. You know the old addage “you get what you pay for”. The iphone has a accelleromiter and a multi touch touch screen amough other tec. I want to see this Mogel zoom the screen by touching it with 2 fingers.

  21. Solution says:

    Still have not get the link yet? well, I did online search and I was able to find couple links. The first link shows step-by-step instructions on how to do it.

    Second link has the TWO files you need to download and install

    Honestly, I have not tried it yet but seem very promising. Good luck!

  22. bgkuncheel says:

    If you will go to and search for the touch Commander software you will find what you all are looking for!

  23. sam says:

    go to avot mv on google!!! it will let u watch you tube vids.

  24. clavoyn says:

    can someone tell me where to go r tell me what to do to send pics phone to phone.

  25. donny says:

    to send pics from phone to phone, go to
    then search the forums for picture of them will have the software u need to download.

  26. no one says:

    to anyone this may concern if u go 2 ring on ur 6800 mogul browzer. u will be able 2 download free ringtone. u samply chick the ringtone u want & then chick download & ur 6800 mogul phone will ask how do u want 2 save chick “save as” then folder scroll down 2 ringtone folder & u sould have the ringtone now! GOOD LUCK TURUST ME IT REAL EASY!

  27. Anonymous says:

    Do you know if this works with the alltel version of this same phone?

  28. no one says:


  29. no one says:

    What’s up with all the big secretaries about the iphone & touchflo solftware!

  30. Lil Gravie says:

    what about when you receive a phone call does it still act like a iphone or does it jump back to sprint?

  31. Rob says:




  32. Anonymous says:

    Why would someone even want an apple program they suck anyway microsoft is the tyrant of the electronic world

  33. A new mogul user says:

    I have a question? As a college student and a new Mogul user, i want to find out everything my device is capeable of. i want to know the fun stuff as well like where to find movies and cool software like, well cool software. i just got one program that makes the device “youtube” and “megavideo” friendly. If anyone can help please reply.

    Thanks alot in advance

  34. spitfire56 says:


  35. Sandra says:

    I’am a proud owner of a mogul but i don’t know how to watch music videos and youtube on my phone can some one help me!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. NO ONE says:

    I have a problem getting into my sprint email account on my sprint mogul it keep saying check PW & user name after I aready put in all my info, I call sprint tech support & could solve the problem. please could any one help me!!!

  37. NO ONE says:

    To Sandra to get music videos just go 2 google on ur device & type in “vtap” & download it, u will be able 2 watch miusc vids & many more etc! 2 watch youtube, just type in its that sample! Good luck & one luv!!!!!!!!

  38. danny hong says:

    I have a mogul phone, would like to make it like iphone, can anyone help me how to modded . thanks.

  39. rug says:

    so how the hell do u do it

  40. Phillip Harris says:

    How to you mod the mogul?

  41. WickedWonka420 says:

    go to everything u need to know people EVERyTHING

  42. WickedWonka420 says:

    oh ya and there are way better mods for it than the iphone mods, you can make your shit personal to you exactly how you want it

  43. jae says:

    can some 1 tell me how to down load smileys for th mogul 6800.thanx guyz

  44. No One says:

    Tell them wickedwonka420 preah 2 them hallelujah!!! People their are way better MODS out there for tha 6800 Mogul!!!! ONE LUV!!!

  45. David says:

    Actually sending pics with the Mogul is easy, there are multiple camera settings and you simply tab over to the camera with the tiny phone in the corner of it, after you shoot the pic it gives you the option to send it a person in your contact list.

  46. 2poler says:

    There are 3 very good websights that I have found that have all the downloads and help you will need. (see grumps iphone in downloads its very easy and good) and

  47. 2poler says:

  48. Omega man says:

    Can someone please tell me what website I need to goto so I can download the Iphone themes to my mogul?

  49. hardknock says:

    where can i go to download this

  50. rob says:

    will iphone ever work with the sprint network

  51. Jay says:

    Where can i go to dowload what i need to get my HTC 6800 to act similiar to iphone?

  52. Terrence says:

    I was wondering, why people are telling people were to go to download the software for the htc mogul 6800 phone and all the information is wrong. Please, people if you’re going to help people out and download stuff, don’t lie and give everyone all these different websites and none of them work.

  53. No One says:

    To: Jae, there is a program called ‘SMS THREAD’ which basically updates the sms program you aready have on your device & one of its features is; it let u add smileys(emotoncoin) ,the real ones,(-: it cumz in a zip file which contains 2 of the program cabs one is for the SMS & the other is for Email! enjoy & !ONE LUV! Good Luck! & ps just GOOGLE it & u find! it!

  54. Pedro says:

    Go to, select forums, search for iphone.

  55. ...??... says:

    how do you download free music for free on your sprint HTC mogul 6800????

  56. Amit Chowdhry says:


    Connecting the phone using a USB cable. You can put MP3s on your phone.

  57. Young says:

    how do i make my Sprint HTC Mogul (6800)just like an iphone

  58. taz says:

    What is the link to change ppc 6800 into iphone?

  59. divine1 says:

    i downloaded the iphone kit to my phone from, now how do i get it to ACTUALLY WORK ON MY PHONE? HELP!!!!!!!

  60. Shaun says:

    Try HTC home… It’s a freeware app and it doesn’t make your HTC operate like an iPhone but it definately makes the screen appearance and operation 100% better.

    Many other great free apps at

  61. neo havock says:

    check sprintusers, and
    works on ppc6700 and ppc6800, possibly even ppc6600 and others.
    wm pda phones are better for a couple instances, cheaper and you can use whatever software you want, iphone cost 500+ and if you are dumb enough to try install 3rd party software you end up with a brick, period!
    apple went afte a market that microsoft wast even in yet, average consumers.
    microsoft was not marketing to consumers yet, mostly business and bleeding edge folk, they have always planned on the mainstream consumer market after/when WM7 comes out, then we will see who is best.
    apple wants 100 percent control over iphone that is why only att, at least for now, they are the only phone carrier that accepted apple’s demand for autonomy.

  62. Linda says:

    Once the MP3’s are downloaded onto the phone how do you listen to them?

  63. larry says:

    Does anyone know how to do picture mail with the mogul, I was told it can’t be done. I also was told there are 3rd party software you can purchase

  64. A.C. says:

    wow thats cool

  65. compcommsys says:

    go to spbsoftwarehouse and download trial of spb Mobile Shell looks cooler (imho)than the stinking iphone. Well worth the price and they gots a lot of cool stuff as well.

  66. compcommsys says:

    Sorry, forgot the link:

    Do it today, You’ll be glad you did!

  67. David g says:

    I have an HTC mogul and put the software on my phone and it crashed but if u still want it email me and I will tell u where to go

  68. Denise says:

    Hey do u know if we can have a chat with text messaging like the treo’s did? Instead of having to open each individual text. I want it where its joined together in one box just like a messenger chat! Thanks :)

  69. No One says:

    To: Denise there is a program called ‘ Codyppc threaded sms’ which will let u do what u r asking 4. just go to google & u will find it & just download tha cab! i also talk about it earlier on post 54! read it. It will help u 2! Good Luck & One Luv!

  70. Tim says:

    How do you make calls over the internet with the Mogul

  71. Me says:

    “How do you make calls over the internet with the Mogul”

    install skype

  72. Tim says:

    How can I get the iphone theme?

  73. Daniel says:

    How do you put ANY themes at all in your mogul. I downloaded some themes, and they are ony my desktop and they are all .tsk files…are those rights? Is there any websites you guys recommend to download mogul themes?? How do you install them,?

  74. SpiderPig says:

    You can get them from
    Very easy to install and looks great!

  75. danta dove says:

    Does anybody have problems with their ringtone not being lod

  76. MonkeyBone says:

    After you download themes to your computer, connect your phone to your computer and open your phone files and computer files. Now you can just copy and paste or drag and drop the files onto your phone. Then from your phone, start, explore files, find the themes and open them. They should now install onto your phone.

  77. MonkeyBone says:


    No offense, but the customer support on that site is terrible. The programs are nice but if you need help or click on support, “good luck”!! Other then that, the program looks pretty cool.

  78. jolivet says:

    can someone please send me the best lint to convert my ppc6800 to function like the iphone.

  79. NAVER says:


  80. Marion says:


  81. DUBS23 says:


  82. Vee says:

    Does anyone know how to increase the volume in the Mogul?

  83. zubair says:

    google it, iphone for HTC Mogul

  84. goony says:

    Looking for an answer to the volume question – This old girl can’t hear!!

  85. tootier says:

    Does anyone know where to purchase the cd that comes with the mogul 6800 from alltel. I bought it on ebay and it did not come with the disc

  86. bthe0ne says:

  87. punisher 1182 says:

    for all a@#%^ that now where to go to find the software to make the mogul look like the iphone go f#$** off and for the smart guy htc was the original creator of the iphone so all htc phone are capable to do just like the iphone or better

  88. BLACK DIESEL says:


  89. Zombiphication says:

    Lol, the software is some of it.
    A lot of it is the built-in 8, 16, or 32 gigs of memory.
    Or, how smoothly the operating system runs.
    Or, the fact that the iphone is half steel.

    If you show me a mogul with 32 gigs of memory, running the iphone software perfectly, and made out of steel,
    I’d show you 500$ worth of equipment.

    So for all the retards who think that a mogul running iphone software is cheaper for the same thing,
    Think about what the fuck you’re saying.


  90. Erick says:

    I have an htc mogul from Qwest and I install the Iphone theme but it take alot of time to modified each botton on the screen because not all won’t work

  91. Carrie says:

    Hi, I have a HTC Mogul and I want to put the HTC Audio Manager on it. Can someone tell me where I can find a download for it? Do I need to buy it from HTC?

  92. stizzie says:

    how get the program on my phone

  93. SpiderPig says:

    You can get it at

  94. Skyman says:

    I HATE THIS PHONE! Seriously I’m so over this. I simply can’t get it to do what Sprint advertises it to do. I can’t even get the Sprint repair store to do it either. Sprint has sold me a lemon and won’t admit it.


  95. breezy says:

    jus go to and download all the shit you want jus choose the phone you have and then go to search find what your looking for put it on your phone and have a nice day. its easy really

  96. whatdoyoucare? says:

    You bunch of loosers . . . go and read manuals! Learn to use the real potential of your devices! Instead of lamefully trying to show your stinking phone (it’s not about that in case you haven’t noticed), COSTUMISE it beyond your wildest dreams (yeah, and beyond the fixed, stinking iPhone interface) when you LEARN how. The wealth of information is only fitting to a diciplined SMART mind, if you REALLY have what it takes, go for it and rub it in everybody’ faces. If you don’t, stop whinning and leaving a trail the size of the Amazon to show how incapable you are. There is no magic program to make your HTC look like an iPhone . . . there’s a whole bunch of them to do way better indeed. Many of which do slightly different things. Now, do your homework and leave forums and places like this for intelligent requests, smart comments and the such. I am fed up with having to sort the amazing amount of worthless questions, stupid comments and ridiculous requests from something that would be valuable information. You kids are the future . . . make it an interesting one!

  97. night_owl says:

    Ditto! :)

  98. B says:

    what can you do with the htc6800…make it look like an iphone??? I’m computer retarded….HELP please!!! And does it work right???

  99. C says:

    How do I get the features on my mogul. I looked up the but I don’t know where to look for the how to get the features on my mogul. Next thing do you know if when the features are put on the phone do I lost any of my features. I just updated to the windows 6.1 which gives me the sprint tv and etc.

  100. Hemiboyzy1 says:

    There are sites within the chats providing different websites which the feature can be downloaded. You can also google (iphone features for mogul 6800) it. You may have to pay for it, but it’s there… Spend a little time researching the issue on google and you’ll actually be surprize what you’ll find.

  101. e-mon says:

    i need to kno how to do this iv tryed installing it my self but when ever i push the the lil red phone my back round goes away

  102. e-mon says:

    i need to perfect it

  103. waffles says:

    sell your 6800 and get a razr! ur dumb

  104. Wildstyletech915 says:

    Are half of you people on here serious??? If u want a phone that looks like an iPhone why don’t you go buy a freakin iPhone? If you’re so obsessed on having an iPhone look alike then at least read all the posts before you keep asking the same God damn question.. Where? Where? Where? Look the shit up!! You fuckin want everything on a silver platter n shit!! Use that thing in your skull called a brain and do your own research or send me the phones and I’ll do it for you for free!! Email me at and ill give u my p.o. Box so u can send ur moguls. P.S. Im posting this from my iPhone so KISS MY BROWN ASS!!!

  105. Wildstyletech915 says:

    One more thing in case you’re wondering… Why I’m even at a Mogul post site… Well I’m simply tired of AT&T and TMobiles ( My iPhone is hacked for Tmobile) BULLSHIT and have decided to get Cricket so the Mogul is one of the phones that will do most of what the iphone can do if not more and it can be fully programmed to Cricket. So to the people on here that took the time to post links and any USEFUL information, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! It IS appreciated!!

  106. balls in ur assholes mouth says:

    haha u all blow, (:

  107. soldierboy says:

    I have tried this theme and cannot get it to download. any help would be appreciated

  108. laputaloca says:

    w h e r e c a n i f i n d the software to make my htc 6800 looks like an iphoneeeeeeeeeee, please some body help us. the published links doesnt work.

  109. in distress says:

    help…. i downloaded several files fo this app. to mod m mogul 6800 and one of them work please help me.

  110. Joel says:

    Mycellconnect has various iPhone themes. Check out WAP service (myBitNet) as well.

  111. scottmiles says:

    did you find out how t make this modification if you did please let me know

  112. Trading Saham says:

    Hello. Great job. I did not expect this. This is a great story. Thanks!

  113. Sean says:

    This is classic….technology is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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