AdBrite’s CEO, Iggy Fanlo Has Joined Yodle’s Advisory Board

Yodle LogoYodle has put together a phenomenal management team, and, by filling a local void overlooked by Google and Yahoo – one estimated at $100 billion – has become one of the fastest growing players in local online advertising,” stated Iggy Fanlo, the CEO of AdBrite and the newly appointed member of the Yodle Advisory Board.  Fanlo joins Dr. Michael Kearns, a Professor of Computer and Information Science and the University of Pennsylvania.  Fanlo is also the former President of

Yodle is a 2 year old company that enables small businesses to become part of local online ad market companies.  The technology behind Yodle is ClickRank, which uses a bidding algorithm for online ads to get the name out for these small businesses.  The unique model that Yodle pushes is to direct visitors of the small business websites to actually call the businesses from the web.  This provides a more of a rapport between the potential customer and business-owner.

This model worked so well that the revenue increase for Yodle was 224%.  To date, 87,609 calls were made.  And in November 2006, Bessemer Venture Partners funded Yodle to help keep the model running.  In the About Us page, I also noticed some more interesting information.  David Rosenblatt also joined the Board of Directors earlier this month.  Rosenblatt is the CEO of DoubleClick, a company that Google agreed to acquire for $3.1 billion.

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AdBrite’s CEO, Iggy Fanlo Has Joined Yodle’s Advisory Board Comments

  1. James Weinberg says:

    From an open letter to the CEO:

    I don’t know what kind of an operation you’re running, but I am totally (as in 100%) dissatisfied with everything Yodle has done in the name of online advertising and customer service. I have asked Melanie Ricotta twice in no uncertain terms to close my account. I spent nearly an hour on the phone detailing how I felt the website Yodle created was poorly done and that it showed little understanding of my business. Yet after making specific suggestions, the errors and inappropriate text remain. The graphics are all borrowed from my main site, and sloppily arranged with no eye for design. Aside from all this, the fact remains I’m getting no (as in zero) calls! Yet Yodle is tabulating clicks at almost $3.00 per, which is an outrageous fee, especially since there is no conversion. The keywords are ineffective, the site is badly done, I’m getting no business, and yet your company is eating away at my $500 like wildfire. Since my account manager is unresponsive to my requests to close the account, I have filed a formal dispute with my credit card company, Bank of America, citing a breach of contract and demanding a full refund. I was doing much better on my own with Google Adwords than your so-called professionals have done.

  2. James Weinberg says:

    Since posting the above in July, the Director of Client Operations for Yodle has worked with me to resolve the stated issues. As of this date, we have reached a mutual solution. {It doesn’t appear will allow me to delete the previous post.}

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