After watching the 6 volt battery hack video, I ran out and bought a 6 volt battery to see if it really has 32 AAs in it. I used a lighter and a screwdriver to take the little bastard apart.

Here are my findings…





If you couldn’t tell from the pictures we didn’t find 32AAs instead we found 4 bigass versions of AA batteries made for an alien planet inhabitated by GIANTS! WE’VE BEEN DUPED FELLOW INTORNET HOMEBOYS!!

What we have learned today:

1. Not every 6 volt battery has 32 AAs in it.
2. Do not believe everything you see on the Internet.


  1. kmcg says:

    I did the same with the same results.

  2. ryan says:

    I believe it has something to do with the brand. different companies do it in different ways.

  3. some guy says:

    but can we trust you…you are, after all, the internet.

  4. Anonymous says:

    coolio. i want some tose huge batteries…

  5. Mo Kakwan says:

    And apparently “Heavy Duty” is sign code for “Crap” so even if we did pull out 32 AA batteries. They’d be the crappy kind that die out on you right when you reach the boss on your 1990 gameboy.

  6. Amit Chowdhry says:


  7. Shayd says:

    Well, let’s see. The one in the supposedly “fake” video is a Powercell 6 Volt Lantern Battery. Let me take a guess at what you tried. You tried the cheapest 6 volt you could find OR you simply used a different battery. Get a Powercell like the one in the video and try that out. Maybe we haven’t been duped after all.

  8. Big Daddy Dog says:

    I am gonna buy a powercell 6 volt lattern battery today… I’ll find out for sure… As I suspect Shayd may be correct.

  9. diner dave says:

    I tried it too… but the only cost was the time it took to dismantle a dead lantern bat. Found four big batteries wired in series. The AA batteries in the vid weren’t wired together at all. Before you try this, examine the bottom of the battery, you’ll see a grid pattern, that will give you some idea as to the size of the cells inside.

  10. www.thatYdude.com says:

    glad Wal Mart was out of lantern batteries, I was going to get one this weekend.

  11. Jack says:

    Haha.. I bet you it was a Duracell (MAYBE Energizer.. But theyre speshul so i doubt it) executive who made the video..

    NO, wait! HAD to be Rayovac.. They knew that everyone would get the cheapest ones available, and voila! 400% 6v battery sales this quarter alone!

  12. battery guy says:

    Tried it with an expired Duracell this weekend. Inside were 4 regular “D” cells and some cardboard. Surpisingly these were retail wrapped “D” cells with best before date and everything. The batteries just fell out and were not wired in at all.

  13. Damn Duped Too!! says:

    Well we got the email on 10-8-07 ran to Wal-mart on 10-9-07 and my hubby said he had to buy a 6 volt just to see if was try, with having 4 kids and all the electronics they have to have. And of course by amazement with found the same big ass batteries. If someone is brave enough to figure out what brand or if at all has 32 batteries, please do tell!!!

  14. Ethan says:

    I tried it with both Rayovac and Die Hard 6 Volt lantern batteries only to be disappointed by the typical 4 large battery scheme.

  15. Well that makes complete sense says:

    What???? Are you all retarded? Did you really think that battery manufacturers are SOOOOOO stupid? NOPE. I didn’t. Therefore, I didn’t fall for this trick. It’s VERY simple, but I’ll explain for you retards out there. Just go buy the AA batteries. Are you that cheap? If you go though them that fast, buy in bulk.

    My 2 cents.

  16. Boogie2000 says:

    If you use common sense, then you’d realize that the four batteries inside are 1.5 volts each which equals 6 volts. however no manufacturer is going to go the extra expense of installing 32 batteries full of the same metal used to make regular batteries and then only put .187 volts in each battery.

  17. Paul says:

    Batteries work because of the laws of chemistry. The basic cell always has 1.5 volts. Batteries don’t work well in parallel (the cell with the highest voltage tries to charge other parallel connected cells and the result is self-discharge). The large number of cells would have to be connected in parallel to come up with 6 volts. Look for sales on AA batteries, you can usually find them for less than $.60 per battery. They last a long time.

  18. Hopeful says:

    Although its technically possible and I would agree that this is probable, there are a few things that prove that this video is fake. First of all when they removed the lid, they edited the transition between prying it open with the screwdriver and showing the batteries. Secondly when they revealed the batteries, they were all in the upward direction so there was no way that any of them could have been wired in series.

  19. Battery Expert says:

    Well, I was so curious after all the discussion above and so I bought several different kinds of 6 volt batteries. All but one had long “D” type batteries. The other one had 600 AA batteries. Thats right 600. The cost saving were enormous. I am now running my entire house off of this one 6 volt and its contents.

  20. Battery Expert says:

    Addendum: In the six volts with the four “D” type batteries I opened the “D” types and they were each filled with 30 disk batteries like you find in a watch. In other news, I opened my girlfriends vibrator and found 27 “D” cell batteries.

  21. Amit Chowdhry, Blogging From Minneapolis says:

    Giggity Giggity Giggity Giggity

  22. Hopeful says:

    Maybe I can push this hoax a little further and make a video showing how a standard “D” battery really contains 4 AAA batteries.

  23. Read the caption! says:

    The video opens with the title “Gagfilms”. Perhaps this explains the batteries.

  24. Dave says:

    I bought a german import battery called a REKCUS, inside were 32 AA batteries.

  25. Paul says:

    Rekcus as in sucker backwards! lol

  26. Gale says:

    Just wondering if anyone tried to take those 4 big batteries apart to see what is in those????? Maybe that is where the pot of gold is hidden!!!!

  27. Joey says:

    I found a kitten inside my 6 volt battery. Maybe you all are just doing it wrong.

  28. Thrifty says:

    If you have an Ikea near you, they sell a 10-pack of AAs for $2.99. It’s a Swedish brand, but they seem to work pretty well.

  29. Guyla says:

    if you live in Canada and have a Superstore near you, you can buy a box of 40 no name AA’s for about $15. They are yellow. I don’t mean scared and afraid, I mean their actual color. I use them all the time because I am cheap. No, wait, frugal, yes frugal. Also they work quite well.

  30. GrandpaJohn says:

    This was entertaining. Seriously, the batteries that power analog and digital cameras often are in fact made of a stack of thinner hearing-aid type batteries. I actually saw one taken apart by a camera tech for another customer while I was waiting. The shop was out of what the customer needed so the tech cut open another type of battery to get the right one.

  31. Barnum was right........ says:

    Well for those of you who are old enough Barnum was right, “Fools and there money will soon part”. People it is very simple, the math makes no sense, and the law of chemistry says it won’t work.

  32. I think I peed says:

    This was the best spook e-mail I have ever gotten. Not so much the video, but doing the researxh and finding this page!!!

  33. I measured the batteries says:

    I measured the combined height of 2 AA batteries and then the height of the 6-volt. It just didn’t add up.

  34. Somebody spark me.... says:

    I agree with #32. This page made me laugh. Some days you feel like a moron – today I feel more like Einstein.

  35. borganic says:

    well its faek but you might also like this other similar scam by energizer

    and if you really want to save money on batteries join the powermall and get paid to shop for batteries and all the other stuff you buy online.
    go here if you want to do that

  36. borganic says:

    oops forgot the scam site

  37. The Markster says:

    Does anyone take the time to note that 32 AA Batteries would equal 48 Volts – Hello. Each AA Battery is 1.5 volts – please people do the math. Also please note “Gagfilms” is the maker of the video. Get it – GAG Films

  38. Redneck says:

    GAGFILMS? Isn’t that a Michael Moore and Al Gore joint-venture film company?

  39. Bug says:

    Well I figured it was too good to be true. I however did not try it. I can tell if you use a lot of disposable camera’s there is a battery in them you can take out. Just be careful not to get shocked! They are in all disposable camera’s and if you think about it you only use the camera for a very short time and then you turn it into the photo lab. That is a lot of wasted batteries! So check it out and keep them. Just don’t get shocked!!!

  40. bloody hell says:

    32 aa batteries = 48 volts? Might want to brush up on your electronic/electrical theory there pal, we’re not counting change here.

  41. Anonymous says:

    4 batteries wired in series = 6V
    8 sets of those batteries wired in parallel = 6V still.
    Why is that guy saying 48V?

    Oh I just figured it out the idiot wired them ALL up in series, (Dummy)

  42. Lee T. says:

    OK, you wastefull earthlings!
    Did it ever occur to you that the green way to go is to purchase rechageable Ni-Cad’s
    and to be sure to recycle all those other batteries to keep them out of our landfills!

  43. Anonymous says:

    if you guys watch the video, its a 6v lantern battery. go out abd buy that same 6v lantern battery and then see what the results are

  44. Rich says:

    I know for a fact it works… Did it myself a few years ago. But don`t think I got that many batteries out of it.

  45. Allyssa says:

    Child, don’t try this s–t, I was all down on my knees using utensils like a box cutter, hammer and nails, screwdriver…finally got the d–n thing opened and BAM, the four stupid cylinders. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY, the battery author should be shot.

  46. Tracy says:

    I tried a 6 volt Alkaline Lantern battery just like the freakin video said to use(it was in my flashlite,so i didn’t really waste any money)and to my suprise out came 4 D batteries. Oh well, now i can use my other 2 flashlites that take 2 D batteries!

  47. Jason says:

    I was pretty dissapointed when I cracked my old lantern battery open and found 4 biga## batteries so I started looking for something to use them in. Just buy a 3 Cell mag light and use two of the big batteries.I tried this and it works just great.

  48. Jason says:

    I was pretty d

  49. jgold says:

    Yeah, we tried it too and to not much to my surprise, it was a hoax. don’t do it.

  50. tim says:

    I should have read this first im a fool

  51. Kathy says:

    You know, I never thought it through, so it seemed great. But you know what they say…if it seems too good to be true…it usually is.

  52. Elliott says:

    #47 Uh, yeah, go out and buy a $30+ flashlight just so you can scavenge cells out of the 6v and run the bulb at reduced voltage (3v instead of 4.5v)… smart!

  53. gag reel says:

    IT’S A GAG!

  54. sure, sure says:

    ever wonder where the B cell went? there you have it. in 6V lantern batteries, and other similar applications.

    interesting note, the same producer made a movie about finding 1500 AA batteries in a car battery. riiiiight.

    check out the 10 dollar flashlight hack. that’s interesting.

  55. 55.) says:

    I just read your comments.. I haven’t laughed that hard in a while.. Thanks! you guys are funny, Peace out!!! I can only imagine how hard it was to break into them Batteries…lol

  56. Jenn says:

    Just wanted to say I’m one that fell for it. My father in law had an old battery and boy did I feel like an idiot when those 4 batteries fell out! It was good for a laugh at least! Love the comments!!

  57. Ray says:

    4 x 1.5 does equal 6.0 volt. The normal AA battery (duracell) is a 2.850 mah battery. Take the MAH rating of the large battery, divide that by 2.850 = number of stacks of 4 each 1.5 volt batteries. 32 batteries total infers that there are 8 stacks of (4 each @ 2.850) = 22.8 MAH battery. I tried finding out the MAH of a lantern battery via google. No joy. Anybody have one that shows the MAH or AH on the side of the battery? Seems like it plausable to this old dude.

  58. ME says:

    For those of you that tried this – i’ll bet you tried to make glow stickks out of Mt Dew, didn’t you

  59. josiah says:

    we also took apart the 6 volt battery and found that if you take the 3 D cells out of your mag light (flash light) and insert 2 of the ones from the 6 volt then you now have flashlight powered by giant alien AA batterys . does that make it a pen light.

  60. 6voltz says:

    These are “F” Cells, a little hint, don’t buy Duracell as they only use “D” Cells and therefore have lower capacity compared to Energizer alkaline (not heavy duty).

  61. Wika says:

    Just buy rechargeable batteries one time, and make less waste, save money, and not be manipulated by internet videos.

  62. Anonymous says:

    The only reason to take a larger battery apart would be to get Lithium-Ion AA rechargeables from it. I found a site and source to do that, but they warn of risk of fire while charging. That is why no Lithium AA rechargables. Not worth the risk.

  63. Electrical Genius says:

    Hey Bloody Hell,(nice name)
    You need to brush up on YOUR theory pal. If you wire 4 groups of 12 – 1.5 volt batteries in parallel and then wire the 4 groups in series you will end up with 6 volts.

  64. Johnyy says:

    ahh, this shits a scam.
    But you should check this out. http://www.wisebread.com/the-40-hidden-inside-a-12v-battery

  65. mark says:

    I hate to start a rush on 12 volt car batteries but…..lmao


  66. Travis says:

    You know there are 128 AA Batteries in a 12V

  67. Samantha says:

    I took apart a 6 volt lantern battery and found 4 D cell batteries in it.

  68. dontsy says:

    We took one apartlast winter…it didnt have 32 aa’s in it…they were aa’s but not that many..maybe half…bought it at Family Dollar

  69. Jose says:

    Let’s see AA Batteries are 1.5 volts, so 32 batteries will equal 48V. That kind of voltage
    would burn any kind of flashlight bulb. So instead you
    find 4 1.5 D cell batteries.
    1.5v*4cells=1 6v battery.

  70. Brian says:

    Wrong logic.. that would be assuming that they’re all wired in series. Even though this most likely is a hoax, it’s certainly possible to have 32 batteries at 1.5V each, with an end result of 6V. The trade-off is made by wiring four sets of 8 batteries each in parallel, and then wiring each of those four sets to each other in series. So 1.5v*8 in parallel = 1.5v with 8 times the current capacity. 1.5v*4(sets) wired in series = 6v (still with only 8x current capacity
    ). You can wire a million 1.5v batteries together in parallel and it’ll still only put out 1.5v

    You might want to learn a bit more about electricity; it’s cool stuff.

  71. MrKite says:

    Yea. What Brian said.

  72. Tuggerofhearts says:

    After I saw the video, I went looking for proof, on the internet, not in a 6V battery. Guess what site I first looked at? Yep, this one. I can’t believe anyone would try out some like this video insinuated without looking further into it. Like turning to Snoops.com for so many of those “gossi[ items being sent around. have fun, folks.

  73. mad scientist says:

    Ummmmm. u take 2 AA 1.5 volt batteries and you put them together and you have 3 volts, etc… so 32 AA’s would not be 6 volts. If there WERE 32 batteries then they wouldn’t last long or work at all since thier voltage would be 6 / 32 which is 0.19 volts. thats not even .2 volts. good luck with that minute of battery power in your toys kids.

  74. Nicki says:

    Well, the manufacturer of 6V lantern batteries is sure laughing all the way to the bank on our investigation…wonder if the video was released by a batter company!!

  75. A Man says:

    Who really cares? Really?

  76. chiguadilla says:

    I told about forty people to check that out-so far no one has, they are afraid of things that you open. Like golfballs that may or may not have an exploding center.

  77. Adolf Oliver Bush says:

    Dear: Stew Padaso,

    I regret to inform you that I myself will not be trying out your little experiment. Yes, of coarse it crossed my mind and was very excited about gettin drunk as crap this saturday and crackin open the battery. We were going to have a 6V battery party. B.Y.O.B (bring ur own battery) But these stupid people had to burst everyone elses bubbles. No fair.

  78. Stew Padaso says:

    I love you Adol Oliver Bush!!!! haha!

  79. Jo Hamm says:

    I am a 6 volt battery. There are not 32 AA batteries in me… I have a roller coaster in me. A roller coaster powered by love and sensual tenderness. I hope someone who reads this website comes to me and opens me up to find the honey pot of ecstasy I hold for them. See you all soon. Hopefully very soon.

  80. Amit Chowdhry says:

    You’re crazy, Jo. Who says “honey pot of ecstasy?”

  81. bubba buey says:

    Well did anyone find one with AA’S in it?

  82. powercell heavy duty says:

    powercell heavy duty is the one that only works

  83. Darryl says:

    I took a powerdrill and ripped open an electric wallsocket in my home. VOILA! thousands and thousands of AA batteries fell out, and they keep pouring into the room! I realize that the powerlines coming into my house are about as thick as AA’s, but hey, WHO KNEW!?!?!? of course

  84. James says:

    If you put 4 1.5’s in series and you put 8 of those series circuits in parallel, you come up with a 6v series parallel circuit, with 8 times the amperage available in a 4 cell only series circuit. Complements of my 8th grade Radio Electronics teacher DR. Goff. By the way I’m 40 now.

    Some of you should think before you speak.

  85. livewire says:

    Mine had D Y N O M I T E printed on the inside……

    Duh what’s that mean?

  86. eau de battarie acid says:

    Darryl, darryl, darryl – just think of what your electric bill is going to be this month!!!

  87. BillEKID says:

    all the companies that make the 6 volt battery would like to thank all the morons for going out and buying this battery and increasing their sales! Give yourselves a round of applause….

  88. Amit Chowdhry says:

    Hahaha, well put BillEKid.

  89. guy from GA says:

    I believed the 6v video only b/c i have opened 9v batteries and found 4AAA inside each… figured that it could be real…

  90. Geekergirl says:

    OMG I have not laughed this hard all year !!!

  91. WOW says:


  92. HEH says:

    32 AA’s would yield a 48 volt lantern battery not 6v

  93. To james says:

    you said “If you put 4 1.5’s in series and you put 8 of those series circuits in parallel, you come up with a 6v series parallel circuit, with 8 times the amperage available in a 4 cell only series circuit.”

    Yeah, mathematically you are correct on the yield of this setup.

    However, the wiring involved to create this would not be cost effective nor would it fit in a lantern battery.
    And since its all about a standard size and making a profit, the battery companies would use the 4 F sized cell batteries that is in all lantern batteries.

  94. Steve says:

    Since an AA or AAA has potential difference of ~1.5 volts, then 32 would give a voltage of 48 V.

    Plus can you imagine the cost of a battery so intricate, and inefficient by design.

  95. Bruce says:

    You’d have to wire 8 batteries up in parallel, then 4 sets in series to get 6 volts.

    I could possibly to wire them up to work, without shorting them out, but that’s too much wiring and too much wasted space in a battery.

    Simpler is better and cheaper!

    We didn’t see any elaborate wiring in the video. It’s obviously a hoax.

    Batteries have a set voltage depending on the chemical. Zinc oxide (Alkaline batteries) are around 1.5 volts, so you need 4 of them, in series, to make 6 volts.

    Lithium batteries, like watch batteries are around 1.5 to 3 volts.
    FYI, usually I find fresh batteries are around 0.07 to 0.08 volts above the minimum rated voltage. e.g A fresh 1.5 volt battery is around 1.57 volts. A fresh lithium battery, rated 3 volts is around 3.05 volts etc.

  96. Bruce says:

    Did anyone see the video on what to do with the F size batteries?


    At least there’s a possible use for them in regular flashlights, but you have to have one of those big 6 D Cell mag light to take advantage of it.

    At least it this video seems reasonable. (My apologies if someone proves it to be a hoax.)

  97. SIerra says:

    I just did it with a duracell 6 volt battery and inside, there are 4 D batteries.. even with the duracell label and everything. Haha. The only thing was the 6 volt battery said it had an expiration date of 2012, and the D batteries all had dates for 2014!

  98. Paul in Lewiston says:

    People are curious thats why this video works so well..As my grandaddy use to say “There is cow s..t out behind the barn but Im not goin out there to step in it”

  99. ryan says:

    It’s obvious that the video is a hoax, 32 AA batteries at 1.5 volts each would mean the total voltage is 32 * 1.5v = 48 volts! So it’s clearing a lie.

    4 D batteries would make sense, because D batteries are also 1.5 volts, and guess what 4 * 1.5v is? Yep, 6 volts!!

  100. not a retard says:

    You are all idiots. With the exception of people that are not. Wire 8 1.5v batteries in parallel you get one powerful 1.5v battery. Wire 8 1.5v batteries in series you get 12 volts. Those of you that choose to argue this please look for the nearest exit and leave the gene pool immediately.

  101. Butterball says:

    One more time for you not so electrically intelligent younguns. Hooking batteries in series, the voltage increases (adds) but the current remains the same. In a parallel circuit, it is just the opposite..voltage stays the same and the current increases. It is true that if you hooked 32 1.5v batteries in series you would get 48v, but…if you took 4 of those little suckers, hooked them in series, you would get 6v. You have 32 batteries, divided by 4 = 8, so you have to do this 8 times. After doing this, you hook each of these sets in parallel and you have a strong 6v battery. Soooo, it is electrically possible to design a 6v battery with lots of power using 32 little AA batteries but it would not be a very cheap battery.

  102. Dogbert says:

    What are you all talking about? there were vaginal secretions in my battery,,,

  103. Anonother@hotmail.com says:

    K, so I bought 9 different 6v batteries and opened them up. My findings were varied and intresting. Inside of the energizer I found 4 “alien” batteries aka D. Then I moved on to the duracell, intrestingly enough I found a few awkward shaped square D’s. The rayovac was filled with battery acid so skip that one. The powercell was filled with small African men spinning a cotten gin. Wallgreens contained a vile of murcury and some bits of fish. Next was panasonic, to be honest I couldn’t tell what was inside of it. I think it was empty but when I opened it I heard evil laughter and now I have a yeast infection. Anyway the rekcus batty had over 9000 double A’s. The Sony batteries contained a ps1 and a malnurished puppy. And finaly the walmart brand batteries had large amounts of the game in it.

  104. notsodumbasyoufukers says:

    i like buttered toast!

  105. FukuAzole says:

    i also tried this with several different brands of batteries…. and like most, i had different result with each one… most were filled with the D or F style batteries… but one in particular (Fry’s Electronics Brand) was half filled with Gallium Arsenide doped Rat Turds…. very powerful stuff….

  106. Beatnic5054 says:

    It looks like the brand used in the video was a Walgreen’s Heavy Duty Powercell 6 volt lantern battery. If you google “heavy duty powercell,” one of the resulting options is Walgreen’s…look at the battery it’s the exact same one used in the video…I’ve not tried it…but might be worth a shot…happy hunting…

  107. McGeyver says:

    Didn’t you guys watch the third episode of my tv show. I was able to get 32 batteries out and saved the world from evil doers.

  108. Pretty Gullible says:

    Well just in case those who said its to do with the brand of battery were right, I bought three different brands. There were only four fat D batteries in each, I’m so disappointed this did not work, now I am going to demand a refund from ‘Bits 4 All’, and sue one battery company for injury whilst trying to open one that was particulary tough to open.

  109. Battery Hacker says:

    GUYS!!!! I found out the secret!
    Heres how to get 600 watch batteries from a 6v pack!

    1: Go to Wal-mart and pick up a 6v Energizer lantern battery. Must be energizer.
    2: Take a screwdriver and crack it open.
    3: You’ll of course find 4 1.5v D cell batteries. Here’s where it gets awesome.
    4: DO NOT OPEN THE D-Cells themselves or you’ll be showered with black goo.
    Get the wires that connected the D’cells and seperate them where they connect.
    5: Buy a paper bag without holes and several bullets from your local gun store. If it is NOT paper, you’re going to blow a gigantic hole in the ground and spend a few years in prison. MAKE SURE IT IS A BROWN PAPER BAG WITHOUT GOLDEN INK!!!
    6: Remove the gunpowder from the bullets and place them in the paper bag.
    7: Take the paper bag and put the 4 D-Cell batteries in it on top of the gunpowder.
    8: Put the wires down in the gunpowder.
    9: Take a long piece of string, go to the nearest unpopulated driveway/sidewalk and put one end in the gunpowder and the other near you. It must be at least 10 feet away.
    10: Light the string and watch it burn to the gunpowder.
    11: You’d think the gunpowder would explode, but it doesn’t because of the batteries!
    You’ll see lots of grey foam come out of the bag. Believe it or not, this is the mixture of hot gunpowder, D-cell coverings and black goo.
    Let the foaming finish.
    12: Once the foaming has completely stopped, look inside the paper bag.
    The only thing that will be left is the bag and — Oh my god! That’s right, 600 watch batteries that way EXACTLY the same as the D-cell batteries.

    The science:
    When you mix Gun Powder, the black goo and the alluminum from the D-cells, an unintended reaction occurs. It can only happen in a brown paper bag because of it’s adhesive properties. If a plastic bag is used, you’ll just make a gigantic explosion and probably kill yourself.

    Several imperfect watch batteries are created in the foam. They won’t have text on them, they will look a little crude, but they’ll work! Note: 1 in every 10 of the watch batteries will be too crude to put in things. Just toss em.

    Lets see the costs:
    Bullets – $12
    6v battery – $6
    Paper bag – $0.10
    String – $0.50
    Lighter – $1
    Total: $19.60
    Tax: Obama pardoned
    Total after tax: $19.60

    Cost of 600 watch batteries from a store, not an awesome reaction:
    Over $3000 without tax!
    You saved: $2981.40

    Cost of screwing up:
    Hospital bills – $12,000
    Bail money – $20,000
    Total: $32,000

    Don’t screw up.

    Note: If you were actually about to go try that, you’ve probably already dumped 35 different brands of 6v batteries trying to find 32 AA’s.
    First, if you actually manage to get the gunpowder out of the bullets without firing them, you’re lucky.
    When you blow the gunpowder, it’s going to make a gigantic mushroom cloud and probably kill you.
    Do not try this.
    (I was required by the FBI to include that part.

  110. tinner06 says:

    Let’s see. If you take 32 batteries to make 6 volts……
    that comes out to .187 of a volt. Lets see how long your remote will work on that.

    • Richard says:

      They are situated in banks of four with the banks connected to each other in parallel. 4 X 1.5V in series = 6V X 8 in parallel to increase the available amperage.

  111. wazazz100 says:

    hey but have you guys thought about this that the AA batterys that came out of the lantern battery were all silver coloured just like the big ones some people are getting it was a powercell one and as as far as i know every video i have watched no one has used that one so i woundent actualy say its fake until powercell is tried

  112. Richard says:

    Duracell 6 volts contain 4 Duracell D batteries, not AA’s but still useful to know if you need D’s and only have a 6 volt.

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