Why Digg.com Should Have Opened A Social Network Earlier

Digg LogoWhy did Facebook grow so fast? Page views!! How did Facebook get so many page views initially? E-mail notifications!! What does Digg have now? E-mail notifications!! That is correct ladies and gentlemen: you will now see that Digg will start receiving a lot more page views, hence a higher Alexa ranking now that they have e-mail notifications built around their newly formed social network. K. Rose should have thought of this idea earlier if he wanted to get himself to join the billionaire’s club like M. Zuckerberg. E-mail notifications may start getting played out now though since people get tons of event spam from Facebook the more that users join groups.

Note to Digg users: keep watching Digg’s Alexa ranking. Here’s a video demo of their product’s new services:

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Why Digg.com Should Have Opened A Social Network Earlier Comments

  1. Mo Kakwan says:

    Kevin Rose is sort of moving towards Pownce competition territory. Conflict of interest.

  2. D says:

    switch to the social network site that pays you. video here

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