Kylie Minogue Launches Her Own Social Network,

Kylie MinogueFrom the pop singer that brought you hits like Locomotion, Can’t Get You Out Of My Head, and Enjoy Yourself comes a social network. Kylie was born in Melbourne, Australian and also has a sister that sings pop songs also, Danii Minogue. This week Minogue’s social network will launch at

This is the first website of its kind for a pop star. An unnamed source commented:

It is a bold step for her to take. But it shows she is serious about becoming more than just a pop star and taking control of the business side of things around her.

Users of the social network will be able to contact Kylie (or her rep) through her star profile. Users can also read her blog, look at a picture gallery, and also watch videos. Ringtones and wallpapers are also available for download.

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Kylie Minogue Launches Her Own Social Network, Comments

  1. Mo Kakwan says:

    This is retarded. Kylie has got the beats, but I surely a site just for contacting her doesn’t need a social net. What’s everyone on the site going to talk about?

    1. How kylie never leaves comments or replies to their messages.

    There was only one bullet point on that list.

  2. Amit Chowdhry says:

    Maybe they’ll talk about Australian politics, weather, sports, etc. I bet you they’ll barely talk about Kylie Minogue.

  3. Luke Simpson says:

    This site is just stupid as **** on a stick. being an all time hardcore Kylie Fan, i feel this is over the top and is truely a pathetic stupid idea.

    Blah Blah Blah, Im Kylie Minoque… BITE ME

  4. Kylie Minogue launches non-SEO compliant social network says:

    I thought it was interesting that a Web 2.0 community was using frames and in this day and age was building a search engine unfriendly community. I mean come on, why did they pay money for the development and platform.

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