Introduces Kindle LogoWe’ve been working on Kindle for more than three years. Our top design objective was for Kindle to disappear in your hands — to get out of the way — so you can enjoy your reading,” stated Jeff Bezos, Founder and CEO of “We also wanted to go beyond the physical book. Kindle is wireless, so whether you’re lying in bed or riding a train, you can think of a book, and have it in less than 60 seconds. No computer is needed — you do your shopping directly from the device. We’re excited to make Kindle available today.”

Jeff Bezos is the new Steve Jobs.  This is because of the announcement that Jeff Bezos made about’s newest device, the Kindle.  The Kindle is a portable device that allows a user to download books, newspapers, blogs, magazines, and other publications wirelessly. 

The device weighs roughly 10.3 ounces (less than an average book weight).  The device has letters and symbols written in different alphabets according to Erick Schonfeld.  The Kindle is essentially an iPod for books.  This device is especially useful for those who spend lots of time travelling on planes, trains, and automobiles.

The screen of the Kindle needs a light source, similar to an actual book.  This may be an advantage for the length of the battery life.  The more a device lights up, the faster the battery dies. 

There is a scroll wheel that allows the user to scroll up and down the right side of a page.  But to move on to the next page or previous page, the user must hit the Next Page or Previous Page buttons.  There is also a keyboard that allows users to search within the store.

Other web features of the Kindle include Ask Kindle NowNow, Basic Web, and Play Music.  Ask Kindle NowNow is similar to search engine, ChaCha in the sense that a guide will answer search queries.  Coincidentally, Jeff Bezos is an investor in ChaCha.

The Kindle also has Wikipedia and The New Oxford American Dictionary bult-in.  Fonts can be adjusted in 6 different sizes.  Gizmodo has tons of pictures of the new device.  Using the wireless connection on the Kindle is free, but reading TechCrunch, GigaOM, Scoblelizer, and Paidcontent is not.

“Mike’s blog is one of 300 web pubs that Amazon is selling via its new e-book; other pay-for-play pubs include Rafat Ali’s Paidcontent (99 cents per month), Om Malik’s GigaOm ($1.99) and Robert Scoble’s Scobelizer ($1.99). Amazon wouldn’t tell us how much of the putative revenue the bloggers get, but we guesstimate it’s in the 35% to 50% range…” [Source: AlleyInsider]

The Kindle is available for purchase at: for $399.  It will be interesting to see how this new device drives the retail and publication world.  The Kindle offers convenience and accessibility to information and is backed by’s strong e-commerce brand.

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  1. Nathaniel CJE Culver says:

    1) The Kindle requires batteries. My books don’t. This really touches on long-term stability of ebooks. A physical book I buy can sit on my shelf for ten years and be as accessible then as the day I bought it. Given the way technology tends to evolve and change, today’s ebook formats are tomorrow’s refuse.

    2) Proprietary content lock-in. Sure, to Amazon the Kindle is more a content-delivery service than a product, but if I can’t read my Project Gutenberg DVD on it, I’m not interested. Paying $400 just for the “right” to buy books at $10 a pop isn’t attractive to me.

    3) DRM. You can’t loan, resell, or even back up the ebooks you buy on your own PC. Instead, stores them on its servers for re-download in case of data loss.

    4) The whole EVDO/Sprint thing means content is only available if you’re in the US. Kind of leaves out the rest of us.


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