Kraft Foods Launches Social Network, uPumpItUp With Mandy Moore As Spokesperson

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Kraft Foods (NYSE:KFT), the Northfield, Ill.-based food and beverage company that owns brands like Crystal Light, Chips Ahoy!, Hand-Snacks, Jell-O, Kool-Aid (ohhh yeahhhh!), etc. started their own social network called uPumpItUp.  The site is chaired by pop singer and actress, Mandy Moore.

uPumpItUp’s objective is to help women balance their lives.

“We all struggle with finding time for ourselves between family and friends and work and all those other obligations and we neglect ourselves,” stated Moore.  “Having that sense of balance in life between personal and all that other stuff is kind of essential to leading a happy life,” said Moore.

Registering for the site is easy.  Below is a screen shot:
uPumpItUp Screen Shot 1
There are four main features: Express Your Unique Style (fashion), Connect With Others (networking), Get Inspired (health), and Explore Your World (talents/adventure).

Mandy Moore isn’t the first pop star to start her own social network.  Last November, Kylie Minogue started a social network for her fans.

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Kraft Foods Launches Social Network, uPumpItUp With Mandy Moore As Spokesperson Comments

  1. Mo Kakwan says:

    Go to the site and it says Powered by Crystal Light. It’s like a goal setting network but for girls… powered by Crystal light. I hope this doesn’t become a Anorexic central social net. Xanga had crazy pro-ana stuff going on it 8 years ago, and youtube has some sick stuff on it now as well. It seems like soon as you get girls together and tell them to talk about goals… they all want to lose weight! I hope their moderators keep and eye out on the users and make sure they stay healthy.

  2. opp says:

    mandy moore hasnt withered and died yet?

  3. opp says:

    also happy birthday Adolf Hitler if only you had won

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