Google Android: 1.5 Million T-Mobile HTC G1s Have Been Pre-sold

Whoever thought Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) would not give Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) a run for it’s money when it comes to mobile handsets was wrong.  Later this month, Google will be releasing it’s Android operating system on the T-Mobile HTC G1 phone.  All of the preorders sold out, so T-Mobile   tripled their original request order from HTC. 

All of those extra G1s sold out too!  The number of pre-orders sold out combine to be about 1.5 million units.  These orders do not include retail sales.  And the holiday season has not even started yet.  Google is definitely on the right track to compete for the mobile device market. points out that Google’s release on first impression must be flawless, otherwise customers may find themselves wanting to switch to an iPhone without looking back.  Google is working closely with T-Mobile and other hardware suppliers to make sure that the launch is flawless.  Google Android will be connected to an application store called Android Market.  Applications will be built around the G1 features such as WiFi- sliding keyboard, touchscreen, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 3G speeds. 

Google Android Market is superior for developers than the App Store for one simple reason: the revenue sharing agreement allows developers to keep all of their application sales money.  The Apple App Store keeps 30%. 

The first impression is always crucial, but sometimes things could go awry.  Apple had a rocky start on the day of launch for the iPhone 3G.  Servers kept crashing which caused the lines of customers to keep growing.  However, that event did not hinder the sales of the iPhone 3G – as I had reported earlier Apple has manufactured 10 million iPhones thus far to meet consumer demand.

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Google Android: 1.5 Million T-Mobile HTC G1s Have Been Pre-sold Comments

  1. Felix H. Cat says:

    Where are you getting the source on the 1.5mill figure?

    Just wondering…

  2. something-or-other says:

    according to this article,

    the question you therein are asking should be directed to that website

  3. James Bond says:

  4. Svetlana Gladkova says:

    Definitely amazing given how concerned everyone is over recession – I thought people would be hesitant to buy just about anything.

  5. Heywood Jablome says:

    What is your source?

  6. Amit Chowdhry says: is the source, Heywood.

  7. KenC says:

    Where are you people getting 1.5M G1s pre-ordered? Engadget reports that the initial T-Mo order was 60k. Now, the rumor is that the initial order has been tripled. That comes out to 180k, nothing like 1.5M. HTC itself said that it was expecting to produce only 500k of these phones this year. So, where is this 1.5M coming from?

    Oh, MotleyFool. They don’t cite their source. Isn’t it possible that poor Anders Bylund, took two reports and made a mistake. He heard that HTC was planning on building 500k G1s in the 4thQ, and took that to mean that was T-Mo’s pre-order?

    Just run the freakin numbers. T-Mo has how many subscribers? 10% of those are smartphone users, so what is their potential market, if all of those existing users are upgrading to a G1? Exactly. There’s no way in the world that T-Mo could have pre-sold 1.5M G1s, especially given that they have a 3G network in only 15 markets. Look at all the complaints the iPhone had, and it launched its 3G network with over 100 markets. There’s no way that the G1 could possibly sell in the same order of magnitude as the iPhone given those two factors, one, the existing number of T-Mo smartphone subscribers does not support the math that half of them are upgrading. And two, the number of actually viable T-Mo 3G markets is pitiful.

    Someone is reporting nonsense without thinking about whether it could even be possible. This is like Scott Moritz pretending that Apple was trying to sell 1M iPhones on the first weekend, back in 2007. We later learned his supposed fact was just imaginary.

  8. Amit Chowdhry says:

    Further evidence:

    This is where I’m guessing Bylund got his information from. And of course, I got my information from Bylund.

  9. Marin says:

    But, the 2 million Android phones is for all of 2009, and in Europe and where ever else the G1 is sold. Additionally, that link says Android phones – not the G1.

    I spoke to Bylund on how he came to his numbers, and he tripled the 500,000 units that HTC was supposed to ship for T-Mobile in the fourth quarter. Never mind that those units were for all of the fourth quarter, and that there’s no evidence T-Mobile put all their fourth-quarter stock available for pre-order.
    Additionally, it’s tougher to just stamp out millions of units on short notice.

    I wrote about the dubious 1.5 figure here:

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