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Verizon Wireless Will Not Limit FaceTime Over Cellular Network

Verizon Wireless
One of the key features in Apple iOS 6 is the ability to make FaceTime calls over cellular networks.  AT&T is asking users that want to use FaceTime over the cellular data network to switch to one of their new shared data plans so Verizon is doing the right thing here compared to their biggest rival.  Sprint also has no plans to charge for the feature.  Up until now, FaceTime could only be used through WiFi.  [TheVerge]

AT&T Is Letting People With Old Unlimited Data Plans Use Them On The LTE iPhone 5

AT&T sent out a press release that says that you will be able to keep your old unlimited data plan and grandfather it into the iPhone 5 with LTE capabilities even if you upgrade with the subsidized pricing.  AT&T Mobility president and CEO Ralph de la Vega said the following:

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Square Now Selling Card Reader At 1,000 AT&T Stores

Square Logo

Mobile card payments company Square is now selling their devices at around 1,000 AT&T stores as part of a new deal.   This now brings Square to a 20,000 total number of retail stores.  “AT&T stores are a convenient retail destination for purchasing Square Card Readers, offering entrepreneurs the ability to purchase all of the devices they need to run their business in one place. Square Card Reader makes it easier than ever for businesses to get started and grow using only their mobile device,” stated AT&T head of Retail Distribution Jeffrey Kolovson.  Square devices are available at Walgreens, Best Buy, and Radio Shack. [TNW]

AT&T Opening Up A New Apple-Like Retail Store In Chicago To Focus On Customer Service

AT&T is preparing to open up a 10,000 square foot flagship store on Michigan Avenue in Chicago this weekend.  The look and the feel of the store will make you feel like that you are in an Apple retail store.  The store will have a heavy focus on the customer experience.  The AT&T store will even have a service that is similar to the Apple Genius Bar.  The store actually opens tomorrow.  Below is a video tour:
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Facebook Is Now On AT&T U-Verse TV App

Facebook Logo
You can now connect on Facebook through your TV screen using Facebook on TV, which is the latest inactive app available from AT&T U-Verse TV.  The app lets you connect to your Facebook account while watching your favorite shows through the app.  Through the TV app, you will be able to view your news feed, post status updates, share what you are watching, and interact with friends.  Check out the press release below:

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AT&T Says They Can Block FaceTime Since It Is A Pre-Installed App

Yesterday Washington D.C. interest group Public Knowledge claimed that AT&T’s decision to limit FaceTime may violate FCC rules.  Now AT&T has written a response to Public Knowledge saying that they are not bound to the FCC Net Neutrality laws on FaceTime since it is a pre-installed app and can be disabled at the carrier’s liking.  If FaceTime was a downloadable app, then AT&T would be forced by FCC Net Neutrality laws to allow the app to work properly.  Check out the excerpt from AT&T’s response below:

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AT&T’s Decision To Limit FaceTime On WiFi May Violate FCC Rules

According to Washington D.C. interest group Public Knowledge, AT&T’s decision to limit FaceTime over 3G connections may violate the FCC’s Open Internet rules.  Apple announced that FaceTime would be able to work over 3G connections when iOS 6 is released.  Below is a statement from senior staff attorney John Bergmayer:

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AT&T Announces Mobile Share Plans

AT&T has announced a new mobile plan called Mobile Share a couple of weeks ago and now we know the release date is August 23.  If you are curious about what the new Mobile Share plan has to offer, check out the break-down below:

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