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Law Enforcement Agencies Asked Wireless Companies For Information Regarding 1.3 Million Subscribers Last Year

Cellphone companies have reported that they have responded to 1.3 million demands for subscriber information last year from law enforcement agencies.  The agencies were seeking text messages and caller locations.  The carriers published the reports as a response to a Congressional inquiry.  Wireless companies are churning over thousands of records per day.

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Former AT&T Employee Alnoor Ebrahim Admits Sharing Company Secrets

Alnoor Ebrahim, an ex-AT&T employee has admitted to sharing company secrets like the sales numbers for the Apple iPhone to traders who bought shares illegally using the information. Ebrahim, 57, is a U.S. citizen born in Tanzania and he pleaded guilty in regards to insider trading. This news comes on the heels of former Goldman Sachs Group board member Rajat Gupta being convicted of insider trading this past Friday.
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AT&T CEO Indicates Family Plan Is Coming

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AT&T is going to release a family data plan soon. AT&T Mobile CEO Ralph de la Vega said that the upcoming shared plan would allow consumers to buy one package of data to split amongst multiple devices. This could encourage additional tablet sales. “I’m very comfortable with the plan that will be offered to our customers,” stated de la Vega in an interview with CNET.
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AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson May Not Know How Android Gets Updated

Randall Stephenson
How and when does Android phones get updated? When AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson was speaking at a conference in Los Angeles, he said that “Google determines what platform gets the newest releases and when. A lot of times, that’s a negotiated arrangement and that’s something we work at hard.” Google was clearly surprised by the answer AT&T gave because they make the latest Android updates available to anyone who wants it on their website.

AT&T’s 4G and T-Mobile’s 3G Has The Fastest Wireless Services In The U.S.

The four major carriers in the U.S. have been tested for how fast they run. Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile all have some kind of 4G technology whether it is LTE, WiMAX, or HSPA+. Each of these carriers claim that they have the fastest or most reliable, but who is being truthful. PCWorld conducted a test called “2012 Mobile Speed Test” and found that AT&T’s 4G LTE service is the fastest download speeds while Verizon’s 4G LTE network had the fastest upload speeds. The T-Mobile HSPA+ 21 network was the fastest 3G service. Sprint’s 3G ad WiMAX technology was behind all of their competition. The real-world speed tests were conducted in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New Orleans, New York, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle and Washington DC.
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HTC Titan II Now On AT&T

The HTC Titan II has just hit the AT&T network and it comes with a 4.7″ WVGA super LCD touchscreen display. It has a 16-megapixel camera at the back and comes with a dual LED flash that works in low light conditions. The Titan II has an f2.6 28mm wide-angle lens and can record 720p High Definition video recording. Other hardware specs of the Titan II include a 1.5GHz Snapdragon S2 processor, 1,730mAh lithium ion battery, and 1.3-megapixel front camera. The HTC Titan II retails for $199.

AT&T Unlocking iPhones In-Contract For Deployed Service Members

This past weekend, AT&T started unlocking iPhones for off-contract customers so that the device can be used with a SIM-card from overseas carriers or with T-Mobile in the U.S. AT&T is also quietly unlocking iPhones for U.S. service members under contract with the carrier.
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Nokia Lumia 900 Hit With Data Connection Bug

The Nokia Lumia 900 smartphone has been hit with a bug as reported by people on Nokia, Phone Arena, and WPCentral forums. Windows Phone on the Nokia Lumia 900 loses data connections if the cellular link is restarted at any point. This problem also includes something as simple as airplane mode. You can fix the problem temporarily by booting up the phone without a SIM, shutting down, and then putting the SIM in again. It is believed that the unique phone identifiers (IMEIs) were not registering properly on the data network and AT&T is now taking the defective devices off the shelves.