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BitTorrent Is Building A File Syncing Application Called Sync

BitTorrent is working on building an application called Sync.  Sync uses P2P technology to sync files between your devices.  BitTorrent announced the pre-Alpha test of Sync on their blog yesterday.

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IMAGiNE Torrent Group Leader Jeramiah Perkins Arrested

Jeramiah Perkins is the leader of a torrent group called IMAGiNE.  Perkins will be serving the longest prison sentence in the United States for file sharing at five years.  Perkins is a 40 year old from Portsmouth, Virginia that went to theaters that recorded movies in one go and then recorded the audio in the second go.  The two files would be synched and then distributed on torrent websites.  IMAGiNE was one of the largest piracy release groups between 2009 and 2011.

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Head Of BitTorrent Group iMAGiNE Gregory Cherwonik Sentenced To 40 Months Of Jail

Gregory Cherwonik, the head of the BitTorrent group iMAGiNE, was ordered to pay $15,000 to the MPAA and was sentenced to 40 months in jail.  This is the longest sentence of a file-sharing offense ever.

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Evidence Suggests BitTorrent Re-Branding Under The Name Gyre

uTorrent Logo
After the latest alpha version of uTorrent was released earlier this week, some people noticed that the ownership of the product was attributed to an unknown company called Gyre Inc. instead of BitTorrent Inc. The uTorrent team quickly fixed this and called it a “coding mistake.” BitTorrent did not confirm or deny the existence of a rebranding, but they said that they “regularly test new brand and product names internally.”
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Torrent Website BTjunkie Shuts Down Voluntarily

BTjunkie is one of the largest BitTorrent search engine websites. The website has shut down voluntarily today due to a combination of legal actions against other file-sharing websites and time-consuming projects. BTjunkie was founded in June 2005 and has been one of the top BitTorrent websites since then.
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Louis C.K. Made Over $200,000 After Asking For A Torrent Video Payment Of His Show

Louis C.K. is one of the best known comedians today. Recently he decided to experiment with video distribution. He is distributing his performance from the Live at the Beacon Theater through torrent websites and is asking for $5 payment for it.
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Paramount To Distribute The Tunnel Movie Through BitTorrent

Paramount PIctures is planning to distribute the movie The Tunnel using the BitTorrent protocol simultaneously to the physical DVD release launch. The movie is based on the real-life set of abandoned tunnels under Sydney, Australia. The real-life network of tunnels in Sydney were originally meant for a rail network, but the construction was discontinued. U.S. General Macarthur ended up using the tunnels during World War II as a base. The movie will be available on BitTorrent starting May 19th. Check out the trailer below:
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Khan Academy Builds BitTorrent App To Spread Education

The Khan Academy was started by an entrepreneur named Salman Khan. The Khan Academy was initially known for uploading simple math lessons through over 2,000 videos on YouTube. The Khan Academy received $2 million from Google as a donation this past September. Students can earn virtual badges as they progress with lessons. Teachers at the Khan Academy will even intervene when a student is stuck.
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