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Netflix CEO said he tried to sell to Blockbuster in 2000

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Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said in an interview with The New Yorker that he tried to sell the company to Blockbuster in 2000. Around that time, Netflix flew to Dallas that spring to talk to Blockbuster executives. Blockbuster had around 7,700 stores open at the time while Netflix was losing money and had only 300,000 subscribers. Netflix was also heavily reliant on the United States Postal Service.

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Dish Network To Close Down 300 Blockbuster Stores

Dish Network Corporation will be closing down 300 Blockbuster stores in the United States in the next few weeks and may lay off as many as 3,000 employees.  Dish is trying to find a way for Blockbuster to cut costs ever since they acquired them.  This could affect as many as 3,000 employees, which is around 40% of the company’s 7,300 person workforce.

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Blockbuster To Give Up Competing Against Netflix Over Streaming Movies

After Dish Network bought Blockbuster last year, they wanted to build a Netflix competitor.  Dish was planning to overhaul Blockbuster into a DVD-by-mail service and movie streaming service.  Dish has decided not to create a Netflix competitor out of Blockbuster anymore.  Dish has sold off many of Blockbuster’s retail locations, but 900 of them will remain open in rural areas where streaming media is not that popular.  U.S. regulators decided not to approve a waiver to allow the company to use a satellite spectrum for streaming movies.  This is why Dish gave up on that project.  [Bloomberg]

Dish Network Buying Blockbuster For $320 Million In Bankruptcy Auction

DISH Network Corp. (NASDAQ:DISH) has acquired Blockbuster Inc. in a $320 million bankruptcy auction. Dish Network outbid at least 3 other bidders including billionaire investors Carl Icahn. The deal includes over 1,700 Blockbuster stores and the rights to stream BLockbuster’s movies over the Internet.
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Verizon Drops Price Of Samsung Galaxy Tab To $499.99

Verizon has dropped the price of the Samsung Galaxy Tab to $499. After buying the tablet, you will also get $60 worth of free movie rentals through the Blockbuster Media Hub application. Now that there has been a price drop, will you buy one? Let us know in the comments. [Droid-Life]

Blockbuster On Demand Available On Over 100 Devices

Blockbuster has announced that the BLOCKBUSTER On Demand service is now available on over 100 devices. These devices include smartphones, Blu-ray players, TVs, tablets, and digital media adapters. BLOCKBUSTER On Demand is the company’s response to Netflix’s video streaming services. Below is the full press release:
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Blockbuster Files Bankruptcy, Plans To Restructure

Blockbuster has filed for bankruptcy, but they’re not ready to throw in the towel yet. A group of bondholders and hedge funds that is being led by Carl Icahn has signed off on a restructuring deal that will give them controlling stake in the company that took a huge market share hit from Netflix.
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NCR Orders Over 500 Blockbuster Kiosks

Shortly after Blockbuster (NYSE:BBI) was delisted, NCR made a deal with QuickTrip to have over 500 Blockbuster Express kiosks placed in almost all of their convenience stores.
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